Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Devotion Surrender

Hello people of planet Earth, it has been awhile. We are very proud to release a new area at our sister site Sound Colour Vibration called Love Devotion Surrender. We are uploading rare and hard to find recordings through this series and have 6 available so far. All of these recordings are in great quality, only the best will be picked for this series. This page will be updated as we upload, enjoy!

Erik Otis


Love, Devotion, Surrender
Our newest area at SCV, Love, Devotion, Surrender is our new archive area for downloads on rare recordings we have in our collection that we will upload to MegaUpload for easy download access. This will range in many decades including live recordings both soundboard and audience, studio outtakes, acoustic demos, etc. We have a very wide range of material we enjoy, so please check back regularly for updates along with the individual blog posts we will make for each download.

•LDS: The Mars Volta live at the Orpheum Theatre New Orleans 2005 DOWNLOAD
•LDS: Can live in Paris May of 1973 DOWNLOAD
•LDS: John & Eve McLaughlin Unreleased LP 1974 & NY Radio 1970 DOWLOAD
•LDS: Sun Ra’s Last Show S.O.B.’s New York City, October 21, 1992 DOWNLOAD
•LDS: FM Recording of Janis Joplin & the Kozmic Blues Band 1969 DOWNLOAD
•LDS: EH release newly undiscovered 1968 concert tape of Jimi Hendrix DOWNLOAD