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New Jimi Hendrix Recordings At Crosstown Torrents

1970-08-01 Honolulu

This show was partially recorded and surfaced in WMA format in early 2006.

It turned up on the EH site in Real Audio format, another lossy conversion....

This torrent is for the 'original' WMA files, and a FLAC version of a edit i did, some EQ etc.

The original recording had a 'echo from the future' in the left channel, since the recording itself appears to be mono this channel was dropped in the edit version.

1 Straight Ahead
2 Ezy Ryder
3 Hey Baby
4 Spanish Castle Magic
5 Red House

The partially synched 8mm that came with it is also included.

Those are the facts, now the opinions:

I think this was one of the best concerts of 1970.
Jimi appears to be in a very good mood which is reflected in his playing. Finally, an audience that doesnt scream for 'Wild Thing/Foxy Lady/Purple Haze/burn that guitar Jimi!'
inbetween all songs. This version of Hey Baby is -afaik- the only live version that has a intro and an ending, its not the usual ending where it would be a medley with the next song - or drum solo.

So, the show is really good, the audio really isnt.
Still hope it will be enjoyed!


1970-06-26: Record Plant, 321 West 44th Street, New York, New York, USA
APE (no information about lineage)

Thanks to Pali Gap for sharing.
Jimi and Billy only, in excellent studio recording quality.


01. Lil' Dog O' Mine
02-03. Chatter
04-05. Heaven Has No Tomorrow
06-18. Valleys Of Neptune
19-20. Jimi and Billy Listening to tape
21-22. Heaven Has No Tomorrow
23-24. Valleys Of Neptune


June 1969 (?)
Beverley Rodeo Hyatt House, Beverley Hills, CA (?)

Thx to Craig

1. Izabella I
2. Izabella II
3. Izabella III
4. instrumental jam (aka Distortion Blues)

1969-06?: Beverley Rodeo Hyatt House, Beverley Hills, CA?

* tracks:
1. Izabella I-III
2. instrumental jam (a.k.a. Distortion Blues)
* audio: Jimi and Billy only, home recording; 10 minutes, good quality (1,2)

Keiji Haino + Makoto Kawabata + Tatsuya Yoshida

"Club Mission's", Koenji, Tokyo, Japan



Artist: Tower Of Power
Location: Keystone Corner, Berkeley, CA
Date: November 30th 1972
Recording: KPFA-FM Broadcast
Artwork: No

Lineage: Silver>cdex151>wav>tlh>flac8>You

Here's a Post-Christmas bonus with a Santana link...
Excellent FM broadcast recording. This seems to be the first of two sets, don't know if set 2 is available.
This is taken from the Japanese boot 'Smokin' At Keystone Corner '72' on the 2000GFRR label.
The personnel list has been taken from other boots of the era, if there are any errors, please let me know.
I have put a sound sample on the comments section.

1.What Is Hip?
2.Flash In The Pan
3.You Strike My Main Nerve
4.You're Still A Young Man
5.You Got To Funkifize
6.Get Your Feet Back On The Ground
7.Down To The Nightclub
8.You Got To Feel It
9.KPFA DJ Outro...

Running Time: 41-54

Lenny Williams - Lead Vocals
Bruce Conte - Guitar/Vocals
Francis 'Rocco' Prestia - Bass
Chester D Thompson - Keyboards
David Garibaldi - Drums
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Sax/Vocals
Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - Baritone Sax/Vocals
Lenny Pickett - Flute/Clarinet/Sax/Vocals
Mic Gillette - Trumpet/Trombone/Vocals
Greg Adams - Trumpet/Flugelhorn


March 22, 1975
The Playhouse
Hofstra University
Long Island, Hempstead, New York

Miles Davis (tp, kb)
Sonny Fortune (ss, as, fl)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Pete Cosey (g, kb, pc)
Mike Henderson ( b)
Al Foster (d)
James "M'tume" Foreman (pc)

1. Tatu [Funk (Prelude, part 1)] (15:41)
2. Maiysha (18:11)
3. Right off (12:43)
4. Ife (11:09)
5. Calypso Frelimo (19:25)
6. Wili [For Dave, Mr. Foster] (13:20)
7. Moja/Nne [Turnaroundphrase ] (02:41)

Tracks 1, 2, 4 and 6 are complete.
Track 3 has a splice in the middle.
Track 5 has a splice in the beginning and a splice in the middle.
Track 7 has a fade in the end.

AUD > ?? > Trade > EAC (4x, secure) > FLAC (level 6, with sector align)
Sound quality: B, quite listenable

According to several sources this was the last gig with Sonny Fortune.
This gig is mentioned by Miles in his autobiography (Davis/Troupe, p 330).

According to Peter Losin this material is from two different concerts.
In his discography, Enrico Merlin mentions that this recording is from
the second concert on Saturday, March 22, 1975.


Thelonious Monk Quartet
- 1963-03-5,
Stockholm, Sweden


Short spoken intro 1'17
Bye-ya 8'36
Monk's dream 8'35
'Round Midnight 9'20
Criss cross 5'19
Drum Solo 3'59
Jackie-ing 8'22
Just a Gigolo 3'23
Bright Mississippi 9'13

Thelonious Monk - Piano
Charlie Rouse - Tenor saxophone
John ore - Bass
Frankie Dunlop - Drums

lineage is pre-fm > ? > cd-r or something like that. I tried and find a more precise lineage, butit's always just described as a"pre-fm" record and that's it...


George Benson - 1971 - Beyond The Blue Horizon and White Rabbit


1 So What 9:15
2 The Gentle Rain [From the Gentle Rain] 9:09
3 All Clear 5:32
4 Ode to a Kudu 3:49
5 Somewhere in the East 6:17
6 All Clear [alternate take/*] 5:48
7 Ode to a Kudu [alternate take/*] 4:41
8 Somewhere in the East [alternate take/*] 9:46

All Music Guide Review by Richard S. Ginell

Having taken Benson along with him when he founded CTI, Creed Taylor merely leaves the guitarist alone with a small group on his first release. The payoff is a superb jazz session where Benson rises to the challenge of the turbulent rhythm section of Jack DeJohnette and Ron Carter, with Clarence Palmer ably manning the organ. Benson is clearly as much at home with DeJohnette's advanced playing as he was in soul/jazz (after all, he did play on some Miles Davis sessions a few years before), and his tone is edgier, with more bite, than it had been for awhile. The lyrical Benson is also on eloquent display in "Ode to a Kudu" (heard twice on the CD, as is "All Clear"), and there is even a somewhat experimental tilt toward Afro-Cuban-Indian rhythms in "Somewhere to the East." A must-hear for all aficionados of Benson's guitar.


1 White Rabbit 6:55
2 Theme from Summer of '42 5:04
3 Little Train (From Bachianas Brasileiras #2) 5:46
4 California Dreamin' 7:19
5 El Mar 11:00

All Music Guide Review by Richard S. Ginell

"For George Benson's second CTI project, producer Creed Taylor and arranger Don Sebesky successfully place the guitarist in a Spanish-flavored setting full of flamenco flourishes, brass fanfares, moody woodwinds and such. The idea works best on "California Dreamin'" (whose chords are based on Andalusian harmonies), where, driven by Jay Berliner's exciting Spanish rhythm guitar, Benson comes through with some terrifically inspired playing. On "El Mar," Berliner is replaced by Benson's protégé Earl Klugh (then only 17) in an inauspicious — though at the time, widely-heralded — recorded debut. The title track is another winner, marred only by the out-of-tune brasses at the close, and in a good example of the CTI classical/jazz formula at work, Heitor Villa-Lobos' "Little Train of the Caipira" is given an attractive early-'70s facelift. Herbie Hancock gets plenty of nimble solo space on Rhodes electric piano, Airto Moreira contributes percussion and atmospheric wordless vocals, and Ron Carter and Billy Cobham complete the high-energy rhythm section. In this prime sample of the CTI idiom, everyone wins."

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