Sunday, April 12, 2009


From: JERMx aka Jerm
To: Astro Nation Of The United Worlds Of Outer Space
Date: Apr 8, 2009 2:20 PM
Subject: do you believe funding the arts is important to the community?

what is needed is every type of letter imaginable!
Hand written, typed, or even signatures of supporters.

Letters answering questions like: Why is art important to the communities in the area? Why do they like art? How can the arts help this economy? And What do they need?

We need Funding, or a relief for artists, since help has not been granted in over five years to help support local artists or new venues displaying modern art.

The more letters/ signatures Rachel White gets to build this foundation for the Arts the more support the arts in the community will have from the Council and the more patrons will step up to the challenge of helping the arts. By means of numbers and out reach, we are the ones who make things happen. Artists need to step up and network! That is what is needed now. It takes 3 minutes to write a letter that will bring the arts in the community back on their feet. We just need to get the people, patrons, artists, friends, families involved with keeping the arts alive. Letters requesting that the local venues in the area get aid, in order to give a helping hand to the artists.

at least 2,000 signatures, and 500 2-3 minute letters are needed by Monday afternoon, before 3:30pm.

You can even write, "I support the foundation for the Arts in the Inland Empire, and ask the Council and community to support them by funding local venues displaying art.
" - Art from Scratch Exhibitions was made by artists, run by artists, and made to help artists.As well as the Riverside Art Exchange, among other art collectives in the Inland Empire! We are the representation of what the arts can do, want to do, and will do!

Please write your letters and names and statements of support for the funding of the arts in the Inland Empire to :
Rachel White
(Founder of the foundation for the arts in LA and IE)
(Founder of Art From Scratch Exhibitions)

She is the one bringing all of our voices to the arts council!
We need to stand up be counted and be heard!
Let all know what art funding will do for your community!

thank you and we hope everyone will take a stand and express what the arts have done and are doing for their lives and how funding will help the dreams of artists continue on and on!!

(please repost and pass the word along this is a huge deal)
thanks erik