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Keiji Haino + Makoto Kawabata + Tatsuya Yoshida

"Club Mission's", Koenji, Tokyo, Japan



Artist: Tower Of Power
Location: Keystone Corner, Berkeley, CA
Date: November 30th 1972
Recording: KPFA-FM Broadcast
Artwork: No

Lineage: Silver>cdex151>wav>tlh>flac8>You

Here's a Post-Christmas bonus with a Santana link...
Excellent FM broadcast recording. This seems to be the first of two sets, don't know if set 2 is available.
This is taken from the Japanese boot 'Smokin' At Keystone Corner '72' on the 2000GFRR label.
The personnel list has been taken from other boots of the era, if there are any errors, please let me know.
I have put a sound sample on the comments section.

1.What Is Hip?
2.Flash In The Pan
3.You Strike My Main Nerve
4.You're Still A Young Man
5.You Got To Funkifize
6.Get Your Feet Back On The Ground
7.Down To The Nightclub
8.You Got To Feel It
9.KPFA DJ Outro...

Running Time: 41-54

Lenny Williams - Lead Vocals
Bruce Conte - Guitar/Vocals
Francis 'Rocco' Prestia - Bass
Chester D Thompson - Keyboards
David Garibaldi - Drums
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Sax/Vocals
Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - Baritone Sax/Vocals
Lenny Pickett - Flute/Clarinet/Sax/Vocals
Mic Gillette - Trumpet/Trombone/Vocals
Greg Adams - Trumpet/Flugelhorn


March 22, 1975
The Playhouse
Hofstra University
Long Island, Hempstead, New York

Miles Davis (tp, kb)
Sonny Fortune (ss, as, fl)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Pete Cosey (g, kb, pc)
Mike Henderson ( b)
Al Foster (d)
James "M'tume" Foreman (pc)

1. Tatu [Funk (Prelude, part 1)] (15:41)
2. Maiysha (18:11)
3. Right off (12:43)
4. Ife (11:09)
5. Calypso Frelimo (19:25)
6. Wili [For Dave, Mr. Foster] (13:20)
7. Moja/Nne [Turnaroundphrase ] (02:41)

Tracks 1, 2, 4 and 6 are complete.
Track 3 has a splice in the middle.
Track 5 has a splice in the beginning and a splice in the middle.
Track 7 has a fade in the end.

AUD > ?? > Trade > EAC (4x, secure) > FLAC (level 6, with sector align)
Sound quality: B, quite listenable

According to several sources this was the last gig with Sonny Fortune.
This gig is mentioned by Miles in his autobiography (Davis/Troupe, p 330).

According to Peter Losin this material is from two different concerts.
In his discography, Enrico Merlin mentions that this recording is from
the second concert on Saturday, March 22, 1975.


Thelonious Monk Quartet
- 1963-03-5,
Stockholm, Sweden


Short spoken intro 1'17
Bye-ya 8'36
Monk's dream 8'35
'Round Midnight 9'20
Criss cross 5'19
Drum Solo 3'59
Jackie-ing 8'22
Just a Gigolo 3'23
Bright Mississippi 9'13

Thelonious Monk - Piano
Charlie Rouse - Tenor saxophone
John ore - Bass
Frankie Dunlop - Drums

lineage is pre-fm > ? > cd-r or something like that. I tried and find a more precise lineage, butit's always just described as a"pre-fm" record and that's it...