Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pharaoh's Den Benefit Show November 21, 2008

Artists, painters, dancers, photographers, designers, musicians, sculptors, poets, we're having a benefit show for the Pharaoh's Den and we need you and everyone in the community to come support and offer your creativity to the space on November 21, 2008. The Pharaoh's Den is an artists run and supported cultural space center that is in need of the communities support to help keep this place alive. Everyone is welcomed to be a part of this benefit and we hope to hear back from anyone who has interests in making this a special evening. This is still an out of the pocket venture, your patronage and support will allow us to bring more artistic endeavors to the Pharaoh's Den.

The Pharaoh's Den
3579 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this benefit show:

(951) 683-5627

The Pharaoh's Den Cultural Space Center Mission Statement:

In the heART of beautiful downtown Riverside, an exciting and creative new cultural arts and performance space center is fast becoming a sizzling enclave of boundless expression for the creative community in every area of the arts. The Pharaoh's Den offers mediums of expression a wide variety of the meaning of what art has become to mean. Film, photography, classes, workshops and performance art are just a few of the creative mediums displayed here at the cultural space center The Pharaoh's Den. The variance within these different artistic mediums can be analyzed by the different music we have had ranging from punk, metal industrial avant-garde, experimental, hip hop, jazz, blues, reggae, noise, pop, and much more. It is not hard to fathom there will be an extraordinary array of emerging new artistic influences that will find their way to the Pharaoh's Den. The Pharaoh's Den is the perfect source of unity for underground, mainstream, and local and non-local artists. Art is often defined as the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements that affects the sense of beauty. It may be easier for one to describe art as the way something is done—the use of imagination and skill in creating unique environments, aesthetic objects, and profound and moving experiences that we can readily share with others. However, those who contemplate and seek to define art in their own application will generally agree that; at any given moment in time, art will lack a satisfactory definition. This lack of definition is what we thrive on as individuals and as a whole at The Pharaoh's Den, the unknown becomes the accepted medium of exploration and growth, not blueprint fixtures that cause vortexes of creative stagnation. We are defined loosely as a social network of cosmic brothers and sisters all unified together under the envelope of creation. The Pharaoh's Den is a road that could never be polarized to one element or one tying as a representative of the whole as the path will forever mold and change, constantly providing new boundless opportunities. There is a growing artistic energy grid in Downtown Riverside, and the Pharaoh's Den provides the perfect environment for different mediums to co-exist side by side. As we all know, there is always a challenge to stamp any new venture with a brand that people can identify with. The Pharaoh's Den addresses this by providing an outlet for anyone who is involved in the creative process. It is the perfect place for underground talent to emerge and evolve, and provides a friendly platform for the more mainstream talent to showcase their skills as well. Discipline, precision, progress, growth, community, and knowledge are just a few of the themes that define the mission of the Pharaoh's Den. This mission is slowly growing stronger and stronger as time moves along, a strength that slowly finds new areas to sprout out of. Like the opening track from Miles Davis' Bitches Brew double LP album, 'The Pharaoh's Dance", which served as an inspiration for the cultural venue: the Pharaoh's Den strives to be at the forefront of each new development in art and music. And like Miles Davis himself, the Pharaoh's Den endeavors to become a highly influential conduit through which many important artists and musicians of today will emerge. All of the infinite things in existence, great and small, seen and unseen, imaginable and unimaginable; have their beginnings in the quietude of life. And, if we are not careful, we will miss the opportunity to see that the Pharaoh's Den is marching perfectly in step with the concourse of nature. Perhaps, this is why the Pharaoh's Den warmly welcomes the artist whose talents are still underground—and those whose talents are well developed. We think you will fill find the Pharaoh's Den to be an entirely new experience—one that you can enjoy and share with others for years to come.