Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bar-Kays - Soul Finger

Curtis Knight and The Squires (with Hendrix) - Hornets Nest

Don Covay - Fat Man

Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets

Jimi Hendrix and Lonnie Youngblood - Georgia Blues

Little Richard - Lucille

Little Richard performing live in UK in the 60's

Wilson Pickett - The Midnight Hour

Live in Africa during the 1970's

Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

The Midnight Special (1977)

Kayo Dot - Gemini Becoming the Tripod

Guru Guru - Oxymoron (1972)

Kraan - 1975 - Live

Track Listings :

1. Jerk of Life (5:09)
2. Nam Nam (15:09)
3. Holiday am Matterhorn including Gipfelsturm (12:59)
4. Sarahs Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (6:00)
5. Andy Nogger (3:30)
6. Andy Nogger - Gutter King (6:59)
7. Hallo Ja Ja, I don't know (10:18)
8. Lonesome Liftboy (5:12)
9. Kraan Arabia (12:30)

- Jan Fride / drums
- Helmut Hattler / bass
- Johannes Pappert / Alto saxophone
- Peter Wolbrandt / guitar, vocals

Diddy (ProgArchives):

Sometimes, when you have enough of all the prog clichés and the omnipresent, pretentious sound orotundity it is time for a break, it is definitely time for KRAAN!

In my opinion very underrated, this german Krautrock/Fusion band shows a very different approach to progressive music than many other bands. Not abovementioned clichés take center stage but easiness and pure joy. On that account their music sometimes sounds like one endless jamsession transferring the fun to the listener in best time. I guess that's why they sold out about 300 shows in only 2 years.

Their 1975 released first live album shows imposingly how pure music sounds like. Partly Krautrock, very Psychedelic and partly Fusion, Funk and Progressive influenced the very jazzy music diffuses an unconstrained, quite relaxed feeling. Recorded 1974 in Berlin (a stronghold for Kraan) the album features expended and very extended versions of previous studio albums, mainly taken from the antecessor "Andy Nogger". The terrific percussion and bass work creates a perfect base for the melody and solo performances of the guitar and the saxophone. Johannes Pappert's saxophone sounds like a violin, or a synthesizer but actually never like a saxophone. Helmut Hatter's bassplaying can be described as the engine of their music, the driving force while guitar and saxophone contribute the soloing part. Brimming with highlights there seems to be no song to emphasize. Maybe "Holiday am Marterhorn including Gipfelsturm" (The Marterhorn is one of the highest montains of the alps) where Peter Wolbrandt outreaches himself on the guitar, a magnificent piece of, party improvised, music.

This live record is one of the best live recordings I know, actually exemplary. Pure listening pleasure and a lot of fun carried forward by this powerful and vivid performance. I think some neoprog band with their flamboyant keyboard bombast should take a leaf out of this book...

This is definitely an excellent addition to any prog music collection, highly recommended!

Kraan - Sarahs Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (1972)

Santana 1968 S.F. Avalon Ballroom KMPX-FM


May 13, 1968 [date uncertain]
Avalon Ballroom
San Francisco, California, USA

This is not the same as what is now posted at:

That one is on only one disc and has been decided in the comments to be inferior in other ways to this reseed from 2005. All files, including the info file are the same as before so you can help seed if you happen to still have the Flac download.

Sound quality is very good FM from low gen. off-air reel - check the sample to decide for yourself...

CD#1: 1st set 47:04
01 Waiting 8:21
02 Treat 10:22
03 Evil Ways 8:45
04 Shades of Time 3:40
05 > Savor 5:03
06 > Jingo 10:19
07 announcer & crowd noise 0:41

CD#2: 2nd set 40:29
01 announcer intro & crowd noise 0:10
02 Persuasion 3:47
03 Soul Sacrifice 3:31
04 > drums 11:36
05 > Soul Sacrifice 20:44
06 talk: "Don't Go No Further..." & crowd noise 0:38

Carlos Santana: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Marcus Malone: Percussion
David Brown: Bass
Gregg Rolie: Keyboards, Vocals
Bob "Doc" Livingston: Drums

Probable lineage: 1st or 2nd gen. copy of off-air reel master.
KMPX-FM > ? > Sony SLH-180 7 inch Dolby B 1/4 track reel recorded at 3.75 ips (Tandberg 9241XD) > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > FLAC level 8 (created with xACT with sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

Nothing has been edited out or eq'd, but there were lots of dropouts - mostly in just one of the channels. Since this is basically a mono mix, the dropouts and levels changes could be almost entirely eliminated - either by pasting in from the good channel or with manual level adjustments in Pro Tools. The finished result is very clean sounding overall. This version is less cut up and better sound quality than the previous version seeded.

The date is uncertain because of the announcer comments at the end of the first set about 5 nights coming up of benefit shows with 5 bands a night. There is a poster for Santana playing at the Avalon from May 17-19, which would be the last 3 nights of that "5 day benefit" if the date of the 13th was correct but only 2 bands and no benefit are listed on the poster for the May 17-19 run. Some people think that this is from that May 17-19 run at the Avalon, but that comment about the benefit still messes things up, because there are Avalon posters with the typical 2 bands and no mention of any benefits all the way up to the end of November 1968. After Chet Helms "Family Dog" stopped booking shows at the Avalon another promoter, "Soundproof", put on more shows at The Avalon starting in January 1969. Jerry Abram's Headlights are mentioned also by the announcer, and they did do both the '68 Family Dog Avalon shows and the '69 Soundproof shows.

Based upon all of this information, I would put the probable date as being close to the end of Chet Helms run at the Avalon. The posters for weekly Friday thru Sunday shows stopped at the end of November, 1968. Soundproof took over in January '69, so I would speculate that this show here is really from December, 1968. That would be when benefits to keep Chet Helms going at The Avalon would have been probable. The announcer doesn't say that the benefit shows would be for any other cause, and the regular scheduled weekend shows apparently had ended, so there might have been time for a 5 day wednesday thru Sunday benefit before the Family Dog completely stopped doing shows at the Avalon...

So I am listing this as 5-13-68 [date uncertain - might actually be from December, 1968]

But I'm sure you will enjoy this however you decide to label it!

Enjoy and SHARE!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Marshall Allen + Paul Hession - Kraak Festival 2008

Marshall Allen Philadelphia 2005-06-11


Marshall Allen
Tritone, Philadelphia, PA
June 11, 2005

Please share freely, never sell and only convert to lossy formats for personal use.

If you like this show, please consider uploading a show from your collection. I'm interested in virtually all avantgarde/free jazz, modern classical and some prog rock.

Also, if any of you are interested in trading live music like this by snail mail please send me a PM.

Lineage: CD on trade ( AUD, unknown gen ) -> Extracted & converted to FLAC using EAC -> DIME

Disc 1

Track 1 00:57
Track 2 08:58
Track 3 09:29
Track 4 00:30
Track 5 12:29
Track 6 09:07
Track 7 05:46
Track 8 10:02
Track 9 04:55
Track 10 13:04
Track 11 01:17


Marshall Allen
Elliot Levin
Tyrone Hill
Philmore Brown


2nd Annual Youth Art Education Program: Color Theory, Creation and Sound Healing

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Mars Volta - Vade Mecum - Live @ 013 Tilburg 6 March 2008

The Mars Volta - Agadez - Live @ 013 Tilburg 6 March 2008

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Jabborwocky, Syracuse, N.Y. 1971/11/04- FM


Mahavishnu Orchestra
November 4, 1971
Jabberwocky Inn, Syracuse, NY

Source/Quality: aud

Miles Beyond
Dream (?)
Vital Transformation

John McLaughlin (g)
Jerry Goodman (vln)
Jan Hammer (el-p, synth)
Rick Laird (el-b)
Billy Cobham (d)

the above is the original info file for this posting.
this is a remaster of torrent #152886 uploaded to dime
on July 1st, 2007 by filos35.
This recording was apparently originally sourced from a WAER FM broadcast (or possibly the pre-fm sbd of it). I believe it to be a stereo recording, although parts of it do sound pretty mono too.

You can't call it jazz, or progressive rock. This is the earliest recording I've ever heard of the greatest FUSION band in the world (past, present or future, imho)

remastering notes:
runtime here is 77:58 (same as before, no files were edited)
This may be the only torrent I've DL'ed twice on dime-
because the 1st time I found myself with "fla" files,
and had no clue what to do about that so I couldn't decode
my DL of this show to WAV for disc. Then someone in the
comments for the original posting said if you add a "c"
to "fla" files they basically become (decodable) flac files
(with flac frontend). I tried that and got the files used
for this remastering. I did not notice any sign of a problem
with any of the files themselves.

I found there to be several tracks where the left side was
considerably overaccentuating compared to the right. This
might be a good idea in politics but it doesn't sound so
good in a Mahavishnu concert. Otherwise this recording is
pretty decent sound (far from outstanding however) except
there were several erratic level changes (not just from the
music) in several of the tracks. I have adjusted the levels
to balance out the whole show including the erratic changes
so they may not even be noticable any more. I found some of
them quite annoying and detracting to the continuity of this
fine music, and I know only some Maha. fans have the ability/
software/time and/or patience to fix that so I'm sharing my
fix of it. Also being very familiar with Maha. music helps too.

My Hollow Drum Residency @ The Crosby (Santa Ana)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Mars Volta - 24.02.2008 Germany, Berlin, Huxley's neue Welt

*AstroNation highly recommends this show to any Mars Volta fan


The Mars Volta - 2008.02.24
Germany, Berlin, Huxley's neue Welt

taper: DaGobert
ICQ: 165-726-126

source: Soundprofessionals CMC8 > SPSB6 (@16Hz) > Sony MZ-RH1 (Line-In, PCM, 16bit/44.1kHz) > 2 HiMDs
mic config: on my glasses
location: second row behind the sbd
transfer: Sony HiMD > USB2.0 > SonicStage 4.3 > Adobe Audition 3 > wav > FlacFrontend
editing: Adobe Audition3:

• fade-in/out
• tracking
• volumechange + digital editing with Ozone3


01 - A Fistful Of Dollars Intro
02 - Roulette Dares
03 - Viscera Eyes
04 - Wax Simulacra
05 - Goliath
06 - Ouroboros
07 - Tetragrammaton
08 - Agadez
09 - Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus
10 - Drunkship Of Laterns
11 - Illyena
12 - Meccamputechture
13 - Day Of The Baphomets

Filled in the missed material (due to the md exchange) with the material of my
second source [MBHO MBP 603 A / KA 200 N > Sony XLR-1 > Sony PCM-D50 @24/48]
The first 6 minutes are mono.