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Big L - Put It On

Comadre Discography

2005 - More Songs About the Man
2006 - Burn Your Bones
2007 - Comadre/Trainwreck Split [2CD]

At The Drive-In Discography + Live Shows and Rarities

1993 - Hell Paso
1995 - Alfaro Vive, Carajo!
1996 - Acrobatic Tenement
1997 - El Gran Orgo
1998 - In Casino Out
1999 - Tour Promo
1999 - Vaya EP
1999 - At the Drive-In/Sunshine Split
1999 - At The Drive-In - Aasee Lake Split
2000 - At The Drive In/Burning Airl Split
2000 - At The Drive In/Sunshine Split
2000 - Rolodex Propaganda UK Single
2000 - Relationship Of Command Promo
2000 - Relationship of Command
2004 - Relationship of Command JP Bonus Tracks
2000 - One Armed Scissor
2000 - At The Showbox in Seattle
2001 - Invalid Letter
2001 - Live Trabendo Paris
2001 - Live In Sydney
2005 - This Station Is Non Operational

In Rainbows Remix Album

Download Here

"After a cease & desist put the breaks on Amplive's Radiohead In Rainbows remix project, the online music community reasonably wondered if the tracks would ever see the light of day. Well, here they are.

While the Oakland producer/DJ acknowledges that he probably should have contacted Radiohead (who were not involved in the project) to seek approval prior to making his interpretations publically available, an agreement has been reached between all involved parties and Amplive has been granted permission to release Rainydayz Remixes for free to the general public. Effective immediately, the eight-track record is available here.

Rainydayz Remixes is composed exclusively of source material pulled from In Rainbows, re-envisioned by Amplive and complimented by vocal work from Too $hort, MC Zumbi of Zion I, Chali2na of Jurassic 5, Codany Holiday, and Del The Funky Homosapien." ~ onesevensevensix


01 Rainydayz
02 Video Tapez (ft. Del The Funky Homosapien)
03 Nudez (ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi
of Zion I)
04 Weird Fishez
05 All I Need
06 15 Stepz (ft. Codany Holiday)
07 Reckonerz (ft. Chali2na)
08 Faustz

At The Drive In January 18 2001 Live In Tokyo Japan


At The Drive In - Live In Tokyo Japan, January 18 2001 (Lost Horse Records, catalog #LH-2010, price 2,500 Yen) bootleg vinyl 12" lp (butterscotch/cream swirl pattern) >Technics SL-B350 turntable (refurbished but not modified)>Edirol R-09 (via analog line in)>16 bit stereo WAV>CEP2 (fades,trims,remove most pops/clicks,join/merge side A&B,volume adjustments)>CDWAVE (track splits on sector boundaries)>FLAC via Traders Little Helper (level 8)>bit torrent

Record was cleaned before transfer but some low level vinyl noise is still audible.The recording is taken from the circulating Japanese pro shot video (Shibuya ON AIR EAST), and was just a tad hot at the start of Arcarsenal, but the levels were quickly adjusted by the filming crew. Any edits made by the manufacturer of this lp were left intact.

The album and jacket are very nicely presented, with awesome artwork on the front cover, and as stated above, the vinyl is a butterscotch and cream swirl pattern.

Tracklist (as listed on back of album jacket).

Side A:
2.Pattern Against User
3.Invalid Litter Dept.

Side B:
2.Sleepwalk Capsules

Please do not modify this torrent unless for personal use. Please support the former members of At The Drive In by purchasing ATDI, Sparta and The Mars Volta official output, as well as all related solo projects. Enjoy!


John Zorn - Bar Kokhba & Acoustic Massada live in Marciac 2007 Lilen

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pamelia Kurstin: Theremin, The Untouchable Music

"Virtuoso Pamelia Kurstin plays and discusses her theremin, the not-just-for-sci-fi electronic instrument that is played without being touched. Songs include the classic "Autumn Leaves," Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life" and a composition by David Mash, "Listen: the Words Are Gone." Piano: Makoto Ozone." ~ TEDtalksDirector


Mamma Cadela

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tongues Of Fire

The Mars Volta 2004.01.10 - Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan


The Mars Volta
January 10th, 2004
Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan

Lineage: Unknown DAT > SPREAD EAGLE WIDE Sylph S040120 SY-0547 > CD-R(X) > EAC > WAV > FLAC (level 8)

Seeded By: Zaid Khan (

Quality: A+

01) Fistful of Dollars 02:56
02) Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) 12:28
03) Drunkship of Lanterns 13:48
04) Eriatarka 11:43
05) Pre-Cicatriz 07:44
06) Cicatriz I 18:04
07) Cicatriz II 13:37
08) Televators & Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt 25:14


Recording notes:
This is a liberated bootleg from Japan, most likely a DAT source. The sound quality is excellent and
ranks amongst the best TMV audience recordings. All the instruments are very clear and the sound
comes through well.

Show notes:
Coming off a little break after the October and November '03 tours, The Mars Volta come out hard
and fast in this show. With the setlist being the same as previous tours, the tight but loose playing
style is still in effect. Cedric's voice is in great shape, but the ear grabber is the amazing rhythm section
of Juan A and Jon Theodore playing off each other very well. The jam in Take The Veil also takes some odd
and unique turns but comes out well in the end.

Once again Cedric uses the Conjugal Burns lyrics during Eriatarka (4:00). You can also hear Omar play fragments
of Day of the Baphomets during the pre-Cicatriz freakout.

Zaid Khan/flipzoso

Monday, February 18, 2008

Renaissance Live At De Lane Lea Studios, London 1970's


Renaissance (with special guests Andy Powell and Al Stewart) Live At De Lane Lea Studios, London 1973-xx-xx FM reel-to-reel - an incredible experience - mp3 samples provided

Well, here we have it. This IMO is the best performance this band ever did. It's also the rarest radio concert I own on reel. This show is in poor circulation and is being offered for the first time on Dime.

This show comes from a one-time offering by a local Long Island radio station, either WNEW or WLIR. It was taped off the air sometime toward the end of 1973 (I believe the November date sometimes offered up is the date of broadcast). The date of actual recording is still a mystery - perhaps someone with a connection to the BBC can find out.

This is NOT the commercial release, which was recorded at a much later date!

What makes this performance so special? As the group progressed from this point on, the music became richer, denser, and more complex. It also became darker and morose. By contrast, this show is bright and airy and is absolutely *bursting* with good vibes. Like me, you may get an epiphany from time to time from listening to it! As an added bonus, Annie and Co. brought in Andy Powell (from Wishbone Ash) on guitar and Al Stewart on backup vocals for a sterling "Ashes Are Burning". This is one great show!

As kids, reel-to-reel tapes were expensive. It wasn't the kind of thing you could find you know, like cdrs at pennies a piece. You had to scrounge around for discounts, yard sales and cheap "white box" stuff, which was sometimes greatly used when you bought it. That was the situation with this tape. Probably ten years old or more at the time when it was used for recording this concert, it was in very poor shape when transcribed for this torrent. After baking, the left channel sounded close, but the right channel was faded and muddy. Close and careful EQ on the right channel brought it back up to sounding almost like the left. Please note this was not an azimuth problem - as the tape moved it shook back and forth on one side. Listen to the results... this concert now sounds clear and open the way it did when it was first recorded.

Setlist (runtime about 52 minutes)

Can You Understand? (10:23)
Let It Grow (5:40)
Sounds Of The Sea (6:12)
Carpet Of The Sun (3:46)
At The Harbour (7:10)
Ashes Are Burning (with Andy Powell and Al Stewart) (11:52)
Prologue (6:50)

Lineage: FM -> "White Box" tape ->(I don't remember the model of) reel-to-reel recorder ->Baking ->Akai GX-400D-SS playback unit ->Sound Forge 6.0 24 bit 48K ->downsampling and complex EQ right channel only. Flac via Flac Frontend level 6 sectors aligned and verified. No noise reduction. During "Sounds Of The Sea" there's an airplane flyover. You'll hear a momentary distortion in the recording.


A DoinkerTape

Gang Starr - Above The Clouds

Snoop Dogg - Vapors

KRS-One - Step into a World (Rapture's Delight)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gustavo Dudamel - Mahler 3rd - Finale

California Live Show Calendar Updated

The calendar recieved a much needed update, check for shows of interest near you :)

*June 29, 2008 - Gilberto Gil and Devendra Banhart @ Hollywood Bowl

*June 14, 2008 - David Sanborn @ Lewis Family Playhouse at Victoria Gardens Cultural Center

*June 06, 2008 - Dead Kennedys @ House of Blues Sunset Strip

*May 31, 2008 - The Cure @ Hollywood Bowl

*May 26, 2008 - The Police @ Coors Amphitheatre

*April 27, 2008 - Coachella @ Empire Polo Field

*April 26, 2008 - Victor Wooten @ The Coach House

*April 26, 2008 - Coachella @ Empire Polo Field

*April 25, 2008 - Coachella @ Empire Polo Field

*April 25, 2008 - Chris Rock "No Apologies Tour" @ Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk

*April 24, 2008 - Chris Rock "No Apologies Tour" @ Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk

*April 23, 2008 - Chris Rock "No Apologies Tour" @ Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal CityWalk

*April 12, 2008 - Freddie Hubbard and Friends 70th Birthday Celebration @ Catalina Bar and Grill

*April 11, 2008 - Freddie Hubbard and Friends 70th Birthday Celebration @ Catalina Bar and Grill

*April 10, 2008 - Freddie Hubbard and Friends 70th Birthday Celebration @ Catalina Bar and Grill

*April 09, 2008 - RJD2 w/ Dalek and Happy Chichester @ The Music Box @ Henry Fonda

*April 08, 2008 - Acid Mothers Temple @ Bottom of The Hill

*April 05, 2008 - Sonny Rollins @ Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

*April 04, 2008 - Les Claypool w/ Tim Fite @ Wiltern LG

*April 02, 2008 - Les Claypool w/ Tim Fite @ House of Blues San Diego

*March 29, 2008 - GZA/Genius performing Liquid Swords in its entirety @ El Rey Theatre

*March 28, 2008 - Too Short @ House of Blues Anaheim

*March 25, 2008 - Saul Willams @ The Troubadour

*March 23, 2008 - Saul Williams @ CASBAH

*march 17, 2008 - Explosions in the Sky @ Wiltern LG

*March 14, 2008 - Acid Mothers Temple @ Che Cafe

*March 13, 2008 - Kinky w/ Money Mark @ House of Blues Anaheim

*March 13, 2008 - Acid Mothers Temple @ Echo

*March 05, 2008 - Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette @ UCLA Royce Hall

*February 29, 2008 - Dead Prez @ Key Club

*February 23, 2008 - Ozomatli @ House of Blues Anaheim

*February 22, 2008 - Ozomatli @ House of Blues Anaheim

*February 22, 2008 - Liars @ El Rey Theatre

*February 21, 2008 - Afrika Bambaataa @ The Roxy

I was wondering if there was anyone out there in any other major live show cities/countries who would like to create their own branch of the live show calendar, ie New York Live Show Calendar, Germany Live Show Calendar, etc...

KC and the Sunshine Band in Miami 1974 - Boogie Shoes