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Shakti: CPB Documentary With Live Concert Footage


Shakti (original band with John McLaughlin) CPB Documentary with live concert footage 1977-xx-xx NTSC DVD... the holy grail of Shakti torrents! (contact sheets provided)

Relocating and transferring this VHS tape has taken the better part of the last few weeks. This 50 minute documentary, filmed by Canadian Public Broadcasting, is filled with spiritual wisdom and live performances as the band practices and performs during a tour of Europe. In case you haven't heard their music, it's sort of a cross between Ravi Shankar (in fact that's his son in the band) and fast, uplifting jazz. One of the locations filmed during the day is a concert in a bullfighting ring in the Provence section of France. McLaughlin's playing is *incredible*.

A couple of technical notes: There are a few, very small dropouts that were present during the transfer. One of them occured right at the end of the credits, so the transfer was ended just before the video dropped. Right afterwards, it stated C 1977 Canadian Public Broadcasting.

If anybody has a setlist for the numbers they performed, it would be great!

Technical specs:

NTSC video 704x480
Ratio 4:3
Runtime 49 minutes
Dolby Digital sound

EDIT: Video quality B
Sound Quality A

If there's interest, I have a restored copy of the audio track only.

Lineage: Public TV broadcast ->VHS unknown generation ->Philips standalone DVD recorder ->removal of legacies ->YOU


A DoinkerTape

Sonny Rollins w/ Betty Carter - 19 Sept. 1963 - Tokyo, FM


SONNY ROLLINS with Betty Carter
September 19, 1963
Marounuchi Hotel
Tokyo, Japan

Track List (54:34):
1. Moritat (Mack the Knife) - 21:32
2. The Way You Look Tonight ** - 1:47
3. When I Fall in Love ** - 4:12
4. Oleo - 22:14

Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone
Betty Carter - vocals** (omit tenor and trumpet)
Reshid Kmal - trumpet
Paul Bley - piano
Henry Grimes - bass
Roy McCurdy - drums

5. Slow Boat to China - 4:48
Same place and date

Rollins - tenor saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi - trumpet
Akira Miyazawa - tenor saxophone
Nouro Maeda - piano
Tatsuro Takimoto - bass
Takeshi Inomata - drums

FM broadcast

FM >cass >? >CDR >EAC (secure) >FLAC Frontend (FLAC level 6, SBE OK)

There are some minor channel balance issues during track one. Applause and gaps are minimized between tracks, but appear to have been edited together smoothly and likely using analog means.

Tarentel - 2007 - Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun

"Immediately following the release of their acclaimed 2004 album, We Move Through Weather, Tarentel built on their forward momentum by recording another several hours worth of material, its fate to be determined at a later date. Tarentel don't follow up their albums so much as follow through them. To that end, Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun is more of an exploded view of the world the band has built and un-built for over a decade, each track acting as a map to an increasingly cosmic landscape. Originally released as a limited edition series of vinyl albums, Ghetto Beats is collected here on two CDs - a full two and a half hours of music. It is a sun-baked cluster of ragged rhythms, splintered sound and scorched shimmer. The production is a caustic mix of hi- and lo-fi, creating a strange sense of timelessness, like discovering a black and white photograph of the future. Available in a numbered, limited edition quadruple gatefold jacket, Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun is a widescreen projection of unspeakable charm and unlikely beauty." ~ Temporary Residence Limited


Disc One:

01. Everybody Fucks With Somebody
02. All Things Vibrations
03. Dreamtigers
04. Ghost Trees
05. Le Trash Can
06. Ghetto Ghosts
07. Sun Place
08. Donkey-Bunny
09. Tied To A Tree In A Jungle Of Mystery
10. Cosmic Dust

Disc Two:

01. Stellar Envelope
02. A Crystal The Size Of Our Moon In The Heart Of A Pulsating White Dwarf
03. Mirrors, Gardens
04. As Quiet As Silentifically Possible
05. Warm Glass
06. Fever Sleep
07. Sleep Map
08. Whistle In The Wires
09. Somebody Fucks With Everybody
10. Where Time Forgot
11. Isalais Delay
12. You Do This. I¹ll Do That.
13. Lake Light

Bjork Arenes de Nimes 23 aug 2007 (Multicam DVD)


very good audio from ceucheumeu(thanks!)
multi cam video

premiere pro

setlist :
01- Intro
02- Brennið Þið Vitar
03- Innocence
04- Hunter
05- Unravel
06- Unison
07- Hope
08- Jóga
09- The Pleasure Is All Mine
10- Hidden Place
11- Pagan Poetry
12- Earth Intruders
13- Army Of Me
14- I Miss You
15- Vökuró
16- Wanderlust
17- Hyperballad
18- Pluto
19- Encore
20- Joyeux Anniversaire
21- Presentation des musiciens
23- Declare Independance
24- Outro

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It's a CD! It's a Record! It's a CD/Vinyl Hybrid!

"There's a small group of us who, in this digital world, has developed a fetish for all things analog. This obsession is particularly strong among musicians and music lovers. Vacuum tube amps, vintage synthesizers, and, of course vinyl records.

Optimal Media Productions is appealing to this fascination with good ol' records by adding a little value and novelty to your average CD. The comapny's new combo vinyl CD is a standard CD on one side and three-and-a-half minutes of pure vinyl goodness on the other.

The combination of the convenience of a CD and the coolness of vinyl isn't quite perfect, since there is only enough room for one song on the vinyl side. Even so, that little vinyl strip could provide the perfect place to add a bonus track.

From Wired" ~ Switched

Otis Jackson Jr. Trio - 2007 - Jewelz

Madlib is back (did he ever really go away?) but this time he's in his Yesterday's New Quintet guise, cunningly going under the 'Otis Jackson Jr. Trio' moniker. are you confused yet? Well I know I am, and if the clues from initial YNQ releases were anything to go by there's a good chance that this 'trio' is merely 'Lib himself doing a bit of fancy multitracking, that talented beast. Well yeah, it's great stuff too - those of you who were swayed into action by releases like 'Stevie' and 'Angles Without Edges' will no doubt be salivating at the thought and trust me it doesn't disappoint. The drumming is as tight as ever, and as breaks-heavy (just listen for those classic rhythms!) with the whole thing underpinned by ridiculous distorted Rhodes that sounds like it's stepped right out of a blaxploitation movie. There are six jams on offer here and they might not be for the uninitiated, but those of you tuned into Madlib's insane talent and mischievous humour will no doubt get a boat-load of kicks out of this killer 12". Recommended! -

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Pink Floyd - Celestial Voices - Pre-FM BBC Sessions 1968-1969


Pink Floyd - Celestial Voices - 1969-08-09 SBD, Pre-FM BBC Sessions 1968-1969 (RR CD 002) (Cleaned) [SHN]

Contrast Clause: This is a manually de-clicked version of the SHN set posted here:
The difference is that many of the pop/crackles have now been removed, on some songs they were hardly noticeable, on others, like track 5, much more obvious. No other processing was done.

Pink Floyd
"Celestial Voices"
Rover Records (RR CD 002)

Taken from silver bootleg CD: "Celestial Voices."
Ripped with EAC.

Lineage: Silvers > EAC > SHN

Additional lineage, Tracks 1-8, 11 and 12: SHN > WAV (CEP2.1 deglitching) > TLH (SBEs fixed) > SHN (MKW)

-The Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 9, 1969)
01. Interstellar Overdrive (Segment)
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
03. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
04. A Saucerful Of Secrets

-BBC Session, Paris Cinema, London, England (May 12, 1969)
05. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)
06. Nightmare (Cymbaline)
07. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour) / Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
08. The Narrow Way (Part 3)

-BBC Studios, 201 Piccadilly, London, England (June 25, 1968)
09. 'Top Gear' Introduction
10. The Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
11. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets)
12. Let There Be More Light
13. Julia Dream
14. 'Top Gear' Conclusion


The BBC Recordings here do indeed sound better than those included on the current Harvested Rev.A release of BBC Archives 1967-1969 (HRV CDR 008)!
Nice upgrade! Though, MOB did find evidence that some of the BBC 1969 tracks may have been processed. I kept the Spectral View of Track 7 that Ron Toon posted, together with this SHN set.

The only unfortunate thing is that there were a number of crackle/pops, most obvious on Track 5, but other tracks were affected as well. I had to fix these, I felt it was worth while.

I ended up fixing the pops/snaps on ten tracks (1-8, 11 and 12). Some 'pops' were VERY minor, others were quite obvious, like the ones during the first bit of Track 5, 'Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)'.
I extracted the SHNs to WAV, then used Cool Edit Pro v2.1 to manually remove the digital pops, I aligned on sector boundaries with Traders Little Helper and reSHNed with MKW Audio Compression Toolkit. New ST5 Checksum created with TLH - Jan. 9, 2008.

I have included a couple CUE files, one for WAV, one for SHN.

Hope you like it,

By the way, my internet connection is kinda temperamental, my speed fluctuates and my connection may fail at times, depending on which way the wind blows. I'm in Northern Ontario, Canada, and the weather has been really strange lately, we should have a lot of snow and a average temp of -10 to -15°C, instead its +10°C and we just had a major thunderstorm, lightning and 10-20mm of rain. I've never in all my 35 years, seen the kind of weather we are getting now. I think Mother Nature has abandoned us completely, this is man-made climate change.

PiL - PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - 1983-10-31 - Rockpalast, Zeche Bochum, Germany


Venue: Zeche Bochum
Location: Bochum, Deutschland

Proshot broadcast from the German TV show "Rockpalast."

Format: PAL
Length: 60 minutes
Menu: Animated custom menu
Chapters: Yes


Quality - Audio: A
- Video: A

(Near perfect! Could only be better if it was captured directly to PC.)


Lineage: VHS (unknown gen) > PC authored > DVD > Dime

While I do not know the generation of the VHS, this show is so crystal clear, both video AND audio, I would wager the DVD was authored from the master VHS. Near perfect!


Codec: AC3
Bitrate: 256 kbps

Format: PAL
Aspect: 4:3
Codec: MPEG-2
Resolution: 720 X 57
Framerate: 25 frames/s
Bitrate: 7693 kbps


01. Public Image
02. Annalisa
03. Religion
04. Memories
05. Flowers Of Romance
06. Solitaire
07. Chant
08. Anarchy In The U.K.
09. This Is Not A Love Song
10. Low Life
11. Under The House
12. Bad Life
13. Public Image


Please do NOT sell this! Share freely with all your friends and, most importantly, ENJOY!!!

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Black Flag - The Channel, Boston, MA 1985-06-30


Black Flag
The Channel,
Boston, MA

Source\Lineage: Aiwa CM70>Sony WM-D6c(m)>AUD(1)>Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>CD>EAC>flac (level 8)

Speed corrected tracks: same as about except after “CD” add>”AUDACITY (-38% correction)>.wav extract” prior to “flac (level 8)”…if yer so inclined.

Taper: Harrison Merims

1) …Three Nights
2) Loose Nut
3) I’m The One
4) Annihilate This Week
5) Wasted
6) Bastard in Love
7) Black Coffee
8) Modern Man
9) Forever Time
10) Slip It In
11) Gimme Gimme Gimme (cut-tape flip)
12) This Is Good
13) In My Head
14) Wound Up (speed correction on last 15secs)
15) Sinking (speed correction)
16) I’ve Had It (speed correction)
17) >henry’s lament< (speed correction)
Raw files:
18) Wound Up (uncorrected)
19) Sinking (uncorrected)
20) I’ve Had It (uncorrected)
21) >henry’s lament< (uncorrected)


Henry: ‘We’re doin’ our Bob Dylan set today, is that ok?...Can we just do our Bob Dylan cover set today and just blow off all the other songs?...You guys are suckers, we wouldn’t do that shit…’

This Black Flag show is a completely uncirculated show, and it is OUTRAGEOUS; top-notch sound and a blistering performance. There was a problem at the end of “Wound Up” where the tape speed got really screwy. This sometimes happens with old cassettes, but I can’t notice any damage. It also maintained a consistent speed…very fast. I corrected tracks 15-17 with AUDACITY to 38%. This seems to be the pretty close, but I also included the raw files, fer those of you who would like to try their own hand at it.

I also corrected the end of “Wound Up” once the speed hits that level as well…you’ll hear it at the very end start to speed up, then change. Other than that, and the small cuts, this show is damn near perfect.

Please note. Most of the master cassettes were lost, given away or taped over in lieu of 1st gen copies which cut out the gaps and made each more listener friendly. These are the lowest known gens still in existence!


When I first started transferring the early Meat Puppets shows fer Dave, I mentioned that I would be up to helping folks transfer their stuff, if they needed it. Harrison was the only taker (so far??), and now we’ll all benefit from his kindness and trust with these shows! Boundless thanks to him!! All the shows are from the mid-‘80’s in the Boston area. More to come! Until then


But PLEASE!!...


Los Crudos Discography

"Chicago-based hardcore-punk group Los Crudos burst into the rock scene in the early '90s, playing at the Latin neighborhood of Pilsen. Led by Uruguayan singer Martín Sorrondeguy, this four-piece act started as a project to address social issues commonly related to the Latin community, specially young people. To release their records, Los Crudos created their own label, called Lengua Armada, issuing a few singles and the albums Canciones Para Liberar Nuestras Fronteras and 1991-1995 Los Primeros Gritos. The band broke up after six years of performing in South, Central, and North America." ~ AMG

"The complete discography from beloved hardcore powerhouse LOS CRUDOS. Seventy-four tracks of energetic and political punk rock that pulls no punches as the band takes on themes of racism, Latino issues, revolution, and more. Searing, scathing, and scorched." ~ Interpunk


01 Tiempos De La Miseria
02 Me Robarron
03 Crudo Soy
04 La Madres Lloran
05 Eliminacion
06 Desde Afuera
07 Asesinos
08 Se Ve En Tu Cara
09 Cipayos, Traidores Y Vendidos
10 Sin Caras
11 No Estoy Convencido
12 Curiosidad
13 Porque
14 Tu Lo Ensenaste
15 Lucha Para Que Te Escuchen
16 Corrido Jodido
17 Escaleras
18 Llegan Empujando
19 Nada Cambia
20 Achicados
21 En Mi Opinion
22 No Te Debo Nada
23 Levantate
24 La Caida De Latino America
25 Nos Quieren Como Siempre
26 No Me Vendan A Salvar
27 Dejanos En Paz
28 Tierra De Libertad
29 Victorias Y Ganancias
30 Unidad Prohibida
31 That's Right We're That Spic Band
32 Poco A Poco
33 Sueltalo
34 Migra Violencia
35 Viejos Pateticos
36 Del Pasado A El Presente
37 Esto No Trae Precio
38 A Los Inseguros
39 Tomando Los Golpes
40 No Existen Palomas Blancas En Mi Barrio
41 No Va Haber Revolucion
42 Quien Es El Pendejo Mas Grande
43 Que Paso Con La Paz
44 Metiendo Sal En La Llaga
45 Vas A Regresar?
46 HardcorEgoismo
47 Naciste Con Voz
48 Ilegal Y Que
49 Identidad Perdida
50 Vendedores De Dolor
51 500 Anos
52 Ahora Quien Se Queja?
53 Lengua Armada
54 Que Paso Con La Paz (Different Version)
55 Peleamos
56 Escupiendo Tu Propia Cara
57 Que Te Conviene
58 Me Lo Paso Por El Culo
59 Cobardes
60 Desde El Barrio (Unreleased)
61 Sin Titulo
62 Somos Peligrosos
63 Poem/Crudo Soy (Live Studio Session)
64 Se Ve En Tu Cara (Live Studio Session)
65 Cipayos, Traidores Y Vendidos (Live Studio Session)
66 Sin Caras (Live Studio Session)
67 Peleamos (Live Studio Session)
68 La Madres Lloran (Live Studio Session)
69 Asesinos (Live Studio Session)
70 Ilegal Y Que (Live Studio Session)
71 Vendredores De Dolor (Live Studio Session)
72 Eliminacion (Live Studio Session)
73 Me Robarron (Live Studio Session)
74 500 Anos (Live Studio Session)

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Augustus Pablo (1979) "Original Rockers"


1- Rockers Dub
2- Up Warrika Hill
3- Cassava Piece
4- Tubby's Dub Song
5- Jah Dread
6- Brace a Boy
7- Thunder Clap
8- Park Lane Special
9- New Style
10- AP Special
11- Tubby's Dub Song (ver. 2)
12- Brace a Boy (ver. 2)

DigitalJ: 2007 12 31 The Mars Volta, Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco video

Several clips from in front of the soundboard.


Viscera Eyes amidst balloons

Tetragrammaton - Cedric with hoodie, sword, and fan

The Mars Volta New Years Show Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA


The Mars Volta
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

Recorded with:
Giant Squid Omni Mics > Battery box w/bass roll-off > iRiver H100 w/Rockbox installed
>Split into tracks/normalized/EQed using Cubase LE
>Exported to .wav
>Flac using FLAC Frontend

Acoustic Setlist:

1. Intro
2. Televators
3. Cedric talks about a toy guitar given to Omar by an audience member
4. The Widow
5. Cedric talks
6. Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore
7. Cedric talks
8. Asilos Magdalena
9. Cedric talks
10. Vermicide
11. Cedric Talks
12. New Song

Electric Setlist:

1. Intro
2. Roulette Dares
3. New Year's Countdown and Mini-jam
4. Viscera Eyes
5. Wax Simulacra
6. Goliath
7. Conjugal Burns
8. Tetragrammaton
9. Agadez
10. Metatron
11. Cygnus Intro
12. Cygnus
13. Ourobouros
14. Ilyena
15. Meccamputechture
16. Aberinkula
17. Day of the Baphomets
18. Drunkship of Lanterns


- First ever acoustic set- debut of acoustic versions of Televators, Asilos, Vermicide, Miranda, and a new song.

- First live performances of Miranda, as well as a new song.

**Thank you very much to CassandraLA from the Comatorium for creating the awesome cover art!

DigitalJ: The Mars Volta 2007 04 03 Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles

Front row seat at the Orpheum. Didn't take much video, just wanted to enjoy myself, but got a few decent ones. Again, super loud, sound is not great, but the visuals are not bad.

Rapid Fire Tollbooth (Goliath)

Drunkship Jam... Cedric going pretty wild with the fan

Cygnus (Adrian, short clip)

Tetragrammaton - slow portion, Cedric singing right next to Omar

DigitalJ: 2007 04 02 The Mars Volta, Troubadour, Los Angeles

These are some videos made during the secret 'Deimos' performance last April. Collecting dust for a while, my apologies. Sound isn't great as I was very close and it was loud, however, visually it's pretty good. Enjoy.



Wax Simulacra




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Nobody - 2005 - And Everything Else...

You can never have enough good introspective music. This is a problem, considering how hard it is to make such music. Often it seems dull or melodramatic, and even a good record can feel repetitive. And Everything Else is a solid piece of work from the Los Angeles underground sound-collage artist DJ Nobody (if you don't put the "DJ" in front when someone asks who you're listening to they'll think you're being evasive).

A direct descendant of Endtroducing, And Everything Else also pulls in electronic influences in the same way Prefuse 73, Manitoba and Chemical Brothers (in their less bombastic moments) do. Prefuse appears on one track here, in exchange for Nobody's guest spot on Prefuse's Surrounded by Silence, released in March. Together, Prefuse (a.k.a. Scott Herren) and Nobody (a.k.a. Elvin Estella) make up La Correccion, a new hip-hop production moniker that we will no doubt see more of in the near future.

Pulling together sunny melodies and dark, deliberate drum beats and samples, the record's vibe is immensely chill, almost the whole way through. "Spin the Bright Sun Rose" has a summery vocal reminiscent of a typical Up in Flames track, and Mia Doi Todd appears on "You Can Know Her," a haunting stand-out. Besides the mildly annoying "Wake up and Smell the Millenium," there isn't much to dislike here, though the otherwise enjoyable Spanish hip-hop track "Con un Relampago" is a little too abrasive for such a delicate record. Still, too often the music that the album recalls is far superior to the music itself.

If better records prevent me from praising And Everything Else too much, it should be noted that the album has some genuinely rewarding moments. It has been proven time and again how difficult it is to succeed in this genre, and that DJ Nobody has made a good, if not great, addition to the pile is promising. - Matthew Gasteier

Flower Travellin' Band - 1971 - Satori

From Wiki:

"Probably the most well-known FTB album in the West, Satori consists of five original songs, "Satori parts I-V". These are lengthy heavy rock pieces, verging on progressive rock or jam rock at times, with furious guitar soloing and strong arranging, as well as Yamanaka's over-the-top vocals. Critically, Satori is considered the album where FTB truly came into their own. Stoner Rock and Doom Metal enthusiasts often cite this album as one of the precursors in those genres. This album was later utilized as the soundtrack to Takashi Miike's film Deadly Outlaw: Rekka in which Akira "Joe" Yamanaka and Yuya Uchida had small roles."

1. Satori, Pt. 1- 5:20
2. Satori, Pt. 2- 7:01
3. Satori, Pt. 3- 10:39
4. Satori, Pt. 4- 10:57
5. Satori, Pt. 5- 7:54

MF Doom - 2005 - Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 9 & 10

What, Doom's instrumental beat series comes to an end??!!? Maybe this will bring the excitement back after Doom's insatiable attitude to releasing every project he can think of which has no doubt made many of his recent releases a little less than fully essential. Thankfully this thirteen track set finds his instrumental tracks on fire - more recent killers mix with unreleased bombs. By now you know the ingredients in Doom's Special Herbs, they are very tasty indeed. Bid farewell to an inspiring series with this excellent double chapter. -

MF Doom - 2004 - Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 7 & 8

Now available on cd. No metalface on the sleeve this time, but volumes 7+8 (conused by the sequence of these releases? you should be) feature another 4 sides of eerie funked up and super mellowed out modified samples, scores and classics re-constructed by the most prolific and arguably most talented man in hip hop today. Herb it up! -

MF Doom - 2004 - Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 5 & 6

Ooooh yes baby, this is the one!! Mr doom is on a role, and here’s a bit of a gem stored up for ya’s :a cd and double vinyl edition of the 4th, 5th and 6th volumes in the mighty, super-heavyweight instrumental Special Herbs series. This is the dopest sh*t – including heavyweight vocal-free herbal jams like : Blood Root, Star Anis, Lemon Grass, Four Thieves Vinegar, Galangal Root, Spikenard, Cinquefoil, Hyssop, Pennyroyal, Lavender Buds, White Willow Bark, Orange Blossoms, Coffin Nails, Kava Kava Root and loads more – taken from the King Geedrah, Viktor Vaughn and assorted released and unreleased Doom archives. Awesome. You know how rare these get – snap ‘em up!! -

MF Doom - 2003 - Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 3 & 4

Fourth in a series of instrumental collections, including classic beats created by Doom for his many and varied aliases and groups, plus unheard tracks lined up for future release somewhere someday. This cd also includes volume 3 as a bonus for those who missed its very limited original release. Do we really need to tell you how good this is? -

MF Doom - 2002 - Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 1 & 2

People don't only flip over M.F. Doom's rugged humorous vocal style they also trip for his beats. This double set of instrumentals is taken from various sources including the legendary Fondle 'Em LP 'Operation Doomsday' plus many more obscure sources. Seventeen tracks fat. The Metalface production genius is simple. Dig for the most genius sample tracks, mostly rare soul and jazz cuts layer them over some raw hip hop beats and add mad off beat hits and sample stabs. Might sound simple but the way these tracks are put together is so unique. Think of Rza on his best form, M.F. Doom is that good - but different. Here's hoping 2003 will finally be the year when he gets paid in full. Dope. -

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Vetiver - 2004 - Vetiver

Strongly fertilized by traditional acoustic music, and more subtly cross-pollinated by the jumpiness of old cajun music and the sparseness of minimalism, with its bare suggestions of melodies that the listener fills in for himself, Vetiver gracefully navigates folk and pop savannas with ease. Chief songwriter Andy Cabic is a member of the Raymond Brake, whose 1995 full-length, piles of dirty winters (simple machines), melded the experimental rock sensibilities of polvo and sonic youth with bright melodic touches of classic pop. After moving to san francisco cabic enlisted violinist Jim Gaylord and Cellist Alissa Anderson, along with Young God recording artist Devendra Banhart, who shares co-writing credits on "Los pajaros del rio" and "Amour fou" and contributes guitar and vocals to the album. My Bloody Valentine's colm o'ciosoig played on "luna sea" and "on a nerve," vocals on "angels' share" are courtesy of Mazzy star's hope sandoval. "Amerilie" features the harp-playing of joanna newsom, craig koozer plays bass on "amour fou," and nick holdzkom piano on "luna sea." So, as you can see, its a veritable who's who of an album - one that comes highly recommended at that. - Bookmat

Kailash – 2007 – Kailash

Five expansive tracks over 30+ minutes of evocative, deep, textured avant extreme metal from Italy's Kailash. Rich and challenging - as left-field death metal as it is progressive or jazz fueled; Interwoven with the forward thinking vision of such luminaries as Ved Buens Ende and Fleurety, the technical urgency of maybe Death, Opeth or later period Emperor and the creative magic of Agalloch and Ulver. Complete with piano and saxophone. Glorious. ~ paradigms-recordings

1. The Sleepers
2. Wind Under the Door
3. Spectrum
4. Token
5. Shift

White Noise – 1968 – An Electric Storm

An Electric Storm is justly renowned among techno boffins as one of the first albums to fuse pop and electronic music before the advent of the Moog synthesizer. But you don't have to be versed in the language of sine waves and oscillators to enjoy this mostly delightful and hugely inventive album. For although the White Noise were almost exclusively composed of virtuoso knob twiddlers and tape splicers moonlighting from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, luckily they were no slouches when it came to penning a decent tune. There's also anarchic humor at play on the manic "Here Come the Fleas," which contains more edits in its two minutes than the whole of Sgt. Pepper's.Yet it's the retro-futurist textures that still grab the ear most. These are sounds that will be familiar to anyone who knows the soundtrack of Forbidden Planet or the early series of Doctor Who, but they had never before been deployed in the service of pop music, nor have they since. And whereas the Moog would supplant all of these primitive, time-consuming techniques of sound generation and manipulation within the year, it also destroyed much of electronic music's spirit of adventure in the process. How could you boldly go where no man had gone before when your sound universe was suddenly overlaid by tram lines and route maps? So although most of the songs that make up the first half of An Electric Storm are pretty much your standard-issue polite British psychedelia (the somewhat embarrassing United States of America-style orgy of "My Game of Loving" aside), the way they're dressed up still sounds innovative decades later. Sometimes songs dissolve into bleeps, whooshes, and gurgles that hurtle between your speakers, but compared to the extended guitar and organ solos that were common currency at the time, they are the very essence of restraint. That said, restraint was put to the sword on the final two tracks, the 12-minute "The Visitations" and the seven-minute "The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell." The former is a decidedly spooky "Leader of the Pack"-style drama with a supernatural twist. The biker, having departed this life, attempts to make one last attempt to cross over and console his grieving beloved, only to fall agonizingly short. If you can suspend your disbelief — and persuade yourself that the biker's departing spirit doesn't sound like a cappuccino machine — it's spine-tingling stuff that you won't dare listen to with the lights off. Which is more than can be said for the concluding track, a would-be satanic jam session botched together in a hurry to meet Island's suddenly imposed deadline. ~ AMG

1. Love Without Sound
2. My Game of Loving
3. Here Come the Fleas
4. Firebird
5. Your Hidden Dreams
6. The Visitations
7. The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell

Allen Ginsberg @ Fountain Street Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 1993


In February of 1993, Allen Ginsberg came to my city. He gave a lecture at the local community college, he did a book signing at a local book store, and he gave a big poetry reading at a local church. I attended all of these events, and even got to spend a few minutes chatting with Mr. Ginsberg at the book signing, I didn't care that I was holding up the line. He was a very lovely man, one of the most important poets and 'cultural figures' of the 20th century. Anyway, late one night a few months ago I was flipping through the television channels, and there was the poetry reading on public access! The next day I called the college, and I was able to get a DVD copy of the reading. Unfortunately, there were some audio problems on the recording, so I shouldn't torrent the video, because I don't know how to fix bits of videos, don't have the software, whatever. I do, however, have the capability of manipulating audio. So with a DVD made from the master tape, I used "DVD Audio Extractor" to make a wav file, I used "Audacity" to jack the volume on the 3 - 4 minutes where the audio is almost inaudible (part of track 11, track twelve, and part of track 13), I used "CD WAV Editor" to cut it into tracks, and I used "dBpowerAMP Music Converter" to change the Wav files into Flac files. Also included are a couple pictures of the books he signed for me (with the crazy pictures he drew in them), and a piece of paper he wrote the names of a couple books he wanted me to read. Poems are in bold and are on separate tracks, so if you want to make one cd of just the poetry, you can do that. Otherwise, it's about 97 minutes long. Originally seeded at a couple days ago.
So here's Allen Ginsberg.

Fountain Street Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
February 19, 1993
1. Introduction by David Cope (poet, professor)
2. Ginsberg talks
3. THE TYGER (William Blake)
4. Ginsberg talks
6. Ginsberg talks
8. Ginsberg talks
10. Ginsberg talks
11. AH, SUNFLOWER (William Blake)
12. Ginsberg pauses
14. Ginsberg talks
15. DEATH TO VAN GOGH'S EAR! (excerpt)
16. Ginsberg talks
18. Ginsberg talks
20. Ginsberg talks
22. Ginsberg talks
23. ECOLOGUE (excerpt)
24. Ginsberg talks
26. Ginsberg talks
27. BIRDBRAIN! (excerpt)
28. Ginsberg talks
29. CAPITOL AIR (excerpt)
30. Ginsberg talks
32. Ginsberg talks
34. Ginsberg talks
36. Applause
38. Ginsberg talks
40. Ginsberg talks
41. HUM BOM!
42. Ginsberg talks
44. Ginsberg talks
45. JOHN
46. Ginsberg talks
48. Ginsberg talks
50. Ginsberg talks
51. GET IT?
52. Ginsberg talks
54. Ginsberg talks
56. Ginsberg talks
58. Ginsberg talks
60. Ginsberg talks
62. Ginsberg talks
63. NURSE'S SONG (William Blake)

My Hollow Drum 001: Swass(w.v.) - 2008 - Sabbath Bloody Swass


"Sabbath Bloody Swass"

artwork by p.Lo

thanks again
-Swass(w.v.) / MHD

Here at AstroNation, we are proud to present the first in what will be many mixes from this amazing collective of artists, My Hollow Drum. Some of the finest selections around, listen to the latest effort from Swass(w.v.) here: "Sabbath Bloody Swass"

The Lost Weekend - 1945 - Billy Wilder

The Lost Weekend
Directed by Billy Wilder
Best Picture 1945


"Billy Wilder's searing portrait of an alcoholic features an Oscar-winning performance by Ray Milland as Don Birnam, a writer whose lust for booze consumes his career, his life, and his loves. The story begins as Don and his brother Wick (Philip Terry) are packing their bags in their New York apartment, preparing for a weekend in the country. Philip, aware of his brother's drinking problem, is keeping an eye of him, making sure he doesn't sneak a drink before the departure of their train. Arriving at the apartment is Don's girlfriend, Helen St. James (Jane Wyman), who has tickets to a Carnegie Hall concert that night. Don persuades Wick and Helen to go to the concert without him, hoping to find one of his well-hidden bottles of booze. But when Wick and Helen go to the concert, Don discovers that Wick has gotten rid of the liquor. Don has no money, so he can't visit the neighborhood bar — that is, until the cleaning lady arrives to reveal money hidden in a sugar-bowl. Don grabs the cash and hits the street, heading off to Nat's Bar. Nat (Howard Da Silva), a bartender who has seen it all, is surprised to see Don. But when Don shows he can pay for his drinks, Nat reluctantly serves him, telling Don, "One's too many and a thousand's not enough." Soon Don plunges in an alcoholic haze, his boozing landing him in a harrowing drunk tank, presided over by the cynical attendant Bim (Frank Faylen)." ~AMGb

Nobody - 2005 - AIM Jukebox Series #9

Nobody is the 27-year old somebody named Elvin Estela. He is an LA vinyl junkie hypnotized by analog waves and creates albums mirroring phases of his stereo obsessions. His first two albums on Ubiquity Records ‘Soulmates’ & ‘Pacific Drift’ were a hip-hop/cosmic jazz statement springing from early studio days and back alley freestyle sessions. Elvin Estela is also part of Savath & Savalas (Prefuse 73). The two tracks Nobody made for Aim-records are two psychedelic hip-hop tracks called ‘Tilijem’s Castle’ & ‘Tilijem’s Forest’. Both are instrumentals.

The Jukebox ~ a mythical beast of chrome, glass, motors, valves, and vinyl. The Jukebox is at times the life of the party, perhaps later in the evening becoming the instigator of seduction, or consoler of the lonely heart. Drop in a nickel and travel to other times, other dimensions. -AIM records

Nobody - 2002 - Ballorettes

1. Ballorettes (Groop Groove #1)
2. Images Of April - Featuring Languis (Vocal)
3. Images Of April - Featuring Languis (Instrumental)

"Balorettes" is the first 12" from Nobody's second album, tentatively titled "Pacific Drift" and centered around Nobody's California sunshine filled world of dreamy beats and cosmic sounds. Lifting off where "Soulmates" (a head turning debut charting on hip hop, electronic, and even AAA radio charts, plus fantastic press reaction from the likes of Spin, The Wire, XLR8R, URB and more) left us, these next tunes show a growth in Nobody's production skills and expose some of his wide-ranging influences. Side A is a beat-driven tune dedicated to jazzish prog/post rock legends Stereolab who've been a huge influence on Nobody's sound (he's been known to stand right up front at their shows and beg for tunes!), this is his "thank you." And the B-side finds Nobody incorporating more live instruments into his sound courtesy of Los Angeles based band Languis. "Images of April" highlights one of Nobody's passions - Rare 60's psychedelic rock. It was originally laid down by psychedelic folk ESP recording artists Pearls Before Swine. - ubiquity records

Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers - 1980 - Music of Many Colours

This meeting of the minds and bands of Afro-funk creator Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and American vibist and R&B/jazz innovator Roy Ayers is a collaboration that shouldn't work on the surface. Fela's music was raw, in your face politically and socially, and musically driven by the same spirit as James Brown's JBs. At the time of this recording in 1979, Ayers had moved out of jazz entirely and become an R&B superstar firmly entrenched in the disco world. Ayers' social concerns -- on record -- were primarily cosmological in nature. So how did these guys pull off one of the most badass jam gigs of all time, with one track led by each man and each taking a full side of a vinyl album? On hand were Fela's 14-piece orchestra and an outrageous chorus made up of seven of his wives and five male voices. For his part, Ayers played vibes, and saxophonist Harold Land blew like the soul master he is. The rest of the Ayers septet performed on his tune only, the funk fest "2,000 Blacks Got to Be Free," an open-ended soul groove overdriven into Afro-funk by Fela's orchestra. Ayers is down on the quick changes, and his band leads the orchestra in pulling down the funk into a hypnotic sway and groove. On Fela's "Africa -- Centre of the World," everything starts out dark and slow with a chant from the master and then the chorus and Fela's trademark tenor honk. The horn section kicks in and Ayers starts playing all around the mix like a restless spirit. He darts in and out of the changes and sometimes hovers above them. The effect is as mesmerizing as it is driving. This is a sure bet for any bash where you want 'em to dance until they drop. For the purpose of musical history, this was a meeting that panned out in all the right ways and left listeners with a stellar gift of a recorded souvenir. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

AstroNation MixTape No. 9


01 Os Mutantes - Dia 36
02 Brainiac - Vincent Come On Down
03 Pat Metheny - Unquity Road
04 Friends in the Mountains - Guernica
05 Rachel's - Honeysuckle Suite (Sugar Maple - Elm - Sweetgum)
06 Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires
07 Converge - In Her Shadow
08 D12 - 911 ft Gorillaz
09 Make Believe - Temping as a Shaman
10 The Bad Plus - Flim
11 Secret Chiefs 3 - Jabarsa
12 Jaco Pastorius - 6/4 Jam
13 The For Carnation - Being Held
14 General Patton V.S. The X-Ecutioners - Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (Mcoo)
15 Joan of Arc - For A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
16 The Mercury Program - You Give Me Problems About My Business
17 El-P - Dr. Hellno and the Praying Mantus
18 HiM - Elementals
19 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put Spell On You



DECEMBER 31th, 1954
CBS Radio Broadcast, San Fransisco
Downbeat Club
FM recording
Flac level 6

1. radio intro > When it's sleepy time down south
2. Back home again in indiana
3. Big butter & egg man
4. High society
5. Ruld lang syne

APRIL 14th, 1962
FM recording
Flac level 6

Louis Armstrong
Trummy Young
Joe Dernisberg
Bill Krank
Danny Barsolonia
Jule Brown
& another unknown musician.

01. DJ
02. St.Louie Woman 3:25
03. Did you hear about Jerry 5:22
04. After you've gone 3:40
05. drum solo 2:00
06. Now you has jazz 6:31
07. High Society Calipso 3:31
08. Ole Miss 3:50
09. All of me 3:35
10. Bill Bailey 1:51
11. when it's sleepy time down south 5:07
12. (band) 4:29
13. My bucket's got a hole in it 6:04


Enjoy. merry christmas & happy new year to the every jazz fans & dime members.

Normal Love - Normal Love (2007)

1. Severe Confection (4:39)
2. The Signal's Coming from Pittsburgh pt. 1 (7:29)
3. The Signal's Coming from Pittsburgh pt. 2 (6: 29)
4. Ndugo (2:16)
5. The Final Sarcophagus of Darkness (4:58)
6. Hooks (6:25)

Normal Love is a beautiful mess—I’m sure we can all attest to that.

But seriously, Normal Love, the band, is a five-piece ensemble from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that straddles the seemingly distant divide between thrash-metal noisecore and 20th Century composition. Their self-titled debut, on boundary busting record label High Two, is a nerve-tingling exposition, as dissonant chords and meandering anti-melodies tug, tear and torture the soul of the listener.

It’s important to note that the six compositions found on Normal Love are, in fact, just that—compositions. Normal Love exclusively performs composed music, usually reading from sheet music on stage.

“Severe Confection” is a bit of a musical concussion, a technically demanding soundscape of layered rhythms and rotating time signatures. You almost have to be glad knowing that this band is performing pre-composed music—because to play like this out of sheer spontaneity would be, well, sickening.

Guitarists Alex Nagle and Ammon D. Freidlin shred with unbridled ferocity on “The Signal’s Coming from Pittsburgh (Part One),” doodling at a dizzying pace before launching into the chug-chug rhythms of the tech-core bands so popular in the indie-metal scene today. On “Pittsburgh (Part Two),” Carlos Santiago’s plugged-in violin is really given some room to maneuver.

The four stringed instruments, Nagle, Freidlin, Santiago and bassist Evan Lipson, dance around African polyrhythms on “Ndugo,” with drummer Eli Litwin sitting out until well into the tune. Not to be ignored, Litwin takes over “Final Sarcophagus.” His blast beats and double-bass drum rolls (drumming more akin to Dillinger Escape Plan and Zach Hill’s Hella than, say, Han Bennink) give “Sarcophagus” a completely different feel than the rest of the selections found here.

“Hooks” has plenty of those—not melodic hooks but more like the sort that accompany jabs and precede uppercuts. Like the best boxing match, this track feels like a dance, as the band bobs and weaves against Litwin’s static click.

With this level of intensity, it’d be easy to dismiss Normal Love as chaotic noise or thoughtless, amplified angst bombs—just like assuming spontaneous combustion is something that just happens and having to deal with irony contained therein. But Normal Love is hardly that.

Play this album at ten if you’re looking for a good reason to get evicted. Play it at ten if you’ve had the worst day ever and you’re just looking to thrash. Just play it as loud as possible—Normal Love would like that, I’m sure.

Visit Normal Love on the web.

Les Claypool New Years Eve Gig @ The Fillmore in San Francisco: The "Hatter's Ball"

Les Claypool
The "Hatter's Ball"
The Fillmore Theatre
San Francisco, CA

Taped & Seeded by: Ian Stone (
Source: Schoeps ccm4v>Lunatec v2>Sound Devices 722
(@ Taper section, left of SBD)

Disc 1:
1. Up On the Roof
2. One Better#
3. John the Fisherman
4. Long in the Tooth
5. A Shot in the Dark
6. Precipitation
7. "Game Show Theme" > Costume Contest > "Game Show Theme"

Disc 2:
8. Buzzards of Green Hill
9. David Makalaster%
10. Hendershot > NYE Countdown > Hendershot (with Mark Haggard "Mirv" on Guitar)
11. Octopus Garden (with Adam Gates on Vocals and Mark Haggard on Guitar)
12. D's Diner
13. crowd noise/banter
Encore 1:
14. Iowan Gal
15. Rumble of the Diesel
Encore 2:
16. Lust Stings

# - Voodoo Chile, Highball with the Devil, and Tommy the Cat teases
% - Southbound Pachyderm jam

I grabbed this off etree. I was at this interesting show, and had not seen it here so I thought I would upload it here.

Miles Davis Inteview in New York 1969-08-04


Miles Davis
Davis's House, New York
Audience recording

1 Miles Davis interview [24:06]

Quality C+/B-

Davis, interviewed by Japanese journalists for "Swing Journal", talks about Teo Macero, "In a Silent Way", Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff, and black musicians and audiences.
Interview conducted at Davis's home, 312 West 77th Street, New York.

P. Losin




Racer X - 1987 - Scarified

Tony Royster Jr

Tony Royster Jr and Francisco Fattoruso live in Buenos Aires

Tony Royster Jr. killing the DW Drums!!!