Friday, December 5, 2008

Omni Transgression In Sound: AstroNation Mixtape Series!!!! Clean Off Your Tape Decks...

AstroNation is proud to present the start of a very beautiful thing, Omni Transgression In Sound. Omni Transgression In Sound will offer tape collectors a new source of enjoyment for eclectic sounds of all styles and genres. Friends, companions, vinyl junkies and a small number of other people have agreed to be a part of this new series of mixtapes compiled from the depths of all of our collections. O.T.I.S. will be sourced from vinyl only, so expect a few clicks and pops, but the warmth and depth of vinyl to cassette transfers will hopefully make you as happy as it has me. The fist 2 mixtapes are done and run 120 minutes each and 2 more are currently being drawn up for completion by the end of this month. In a few days I will post the track listing and provide an address for anyone to send a blank 120 minute tape and enough postage to get the package back for a copy of the first mixtape.

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