Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sun Ra Live Concerts from November 1978! (Berkeley, CA and Portland, OR)

AstroNation presents awareness for more archived material from the world of dimeadozen, something everyone at AstroNation has brought forth on this blog in all areas of live recorded history. For anyone who is into the live recordings of Sun Ra or any other avante-guard sounds, this posting is for you! The theme song that sparked the name for this blog is in the first set, so don't miss out. As always, everything is lossless and the info texts present the best aerial view possible. Please give thanks to all the collectors who take their time to present us this treasure trove of recorded history. I haven't been able to use dimeadozen lately from lack of time but I logged on and found these today, don't sleep!

Sun Ra Arkestra
Zellerbach Auditorium @ University of California, Berkeley, CA.

Source:KPFA-FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

1. King Porter Stomp (Morton)
2. Unidentified Blues (Ra) - org, eg, vib, tp
3. The Mayan Temples >
The Sound Mirror (Ra) - SR, ens voc >
4. Of Other Tomorrows Never Known (Ra) - SR org >
The Mayan Temples
Big John's Special (Henderson)
5. Outer Spaceways Inc - ens voc>
Calling Planet Earth - ens voc >
We Travel the Spaceways - ens voc
6. Sun Ra Unidentified Interview


As promised, here comes another reseed. I couldn't find it on the tracker, but I'm pretty sure it came from EZT back in the day. Props to the original seeder / taper.

Now for the bad news: as the original info file noted, this show is fragmentary, and it's also in pretty poor sound. I'll upload a couple of samples so you can judge for yourself. Whatever else the case might be, it's Ra, so if you can put up with the sound quality, you will be rewarded!

Original Info:
Sun Ra Arkestra
Earth Tavern
Portland, Oregon
(this is a fragmentary tape of this show)
aud>?>cdr>eac(secure mode)>flac(level 8)

total time 0:43:55

1 untitled improvisation
2 Face the Music / Make Another Mistake
3 Images
4 Theme of the Stargazers
5 Pleiades
6 Discipline 27-II/This World Is Not My Home/ Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
7 Angel Race
8 An Astro Nation of the United Worlds of Outer Space
9 Interstellar Low Ways
10 Journey to Outer Space / There are Other Worlds They Have Not Told You Of / Third Heaven / Why Go to the Moon
11 unidentified title

Sun Ra-org, voc
Michael Ray-tp
poss. Eddie Gale-tp
Tony Bethel-tb
Vincent Chancey-Frh
Marshall Allen-as, fl
John Gilmore-ts, perc
prob. Eloe Omoe-as, bcl, fl
Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl
James Jacson-bsn, perc
Damon Choice-vib
Dale Williams-eg
poss. Richard Williams-b
Luqman Ali-d
Space Ethnic Voices:
June Tyson-voc, dance
prob. Judith Holton (Wisteria)-voc, dance
prob. Cheryl Banks-voc, dance
Eddie Thomas (Thomas Thaddeus)-voc, dance