Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nels Cline Singers, Safari Sam's W. Hollywood 2007-12-05


(TomP) Remaster

The Nels Cline Singers
Wed 2007-12-05
Safari Sam's
West Hollywood, CA

Source: Dime post by paneltour - thanks !!

AKGC61's xy @ the stage lip center> 744t > mac > flac
Live recording & post Art Granoff

Changes made (Nero 7):
Corrected 0.30msec (microphone?) phase offset
- Improves instument clarity / dynamics
- A little more bass
- Centres and widens the stereo image field
Increased volume of all quiet parts by +3dB
Further increased volume by +4dB on tr05 and all applause / announcement segments

NOTE: The phase correction process creates small inaudible SBEs, but if you fix them, it destroys
much of the improvements, so I suggest leaving it alone.

Quality: Definitely an A++ now

This is a wonderful rare (on Dime anyway) recording and performance by the great Nels Cline
Singers, with only a few minor flaws were easily fixed (details above).

Member jonI likened it as " recorded closer to the stage on a better rig..." and I think that
is a very good description, so don't miss it...

...Enjoy !!

Devin Hoff - contrabass
Scott Amendola - drums, cymbals, electronics
Nels Cline - six and twelve string guitars, electronics

Set List (63.24)
11.24 Squirrel of God
13.37 Sunken Song
04.06 Jackieing (Monk)
13.04 Attempted
07.45 Dedication (Andrew Hill)
13.24 Something About David H.