Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Mars Volta 2008/01/23 Ann Arbor, MI @ Michigan Theater


The Mars Volta
Ann Arbor, MI
@ Michigan Theater

Source: Sp-cmc-2(AT831)>Sp-spsb-1(@95 Hz)>Edirol R-09>Cd Wave
Location: Balcony Center Row C
Taper: (

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Roulette Dares
03. Viscera Eyes
04. Wax Simulacra
05. Goliath
06. conjugal Burns
07. Tetragrammaton
Disc 2
01. Agadez
02. Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus
03. Metatron
04. Drunkship
05. Ilyena
06. Day of the Baphomets

Amazing show! My first time recording with the edirol and thought I had the hold button on, but no, I somehow shut the recorder off at the end of Goliath and I didn't notice until the end of the jam on Conjugal Burns. Enter Galen. He also taped the show (DPA-4061>MPS6030>Sony PCM-m1 (Oade Mod. II) and so kindly gave me a chunk of his recording to make a patch from. Without him this complete recording would not have happened. Level adjustments being made at the beginning of Roulette. There are a few mic pops throughout. Great performance! From Cedric running to the soundboard, acting like the mic stand was a movie camera in Conjugal, giving the guy in the audience the mic in Cygnus, dumping his tea out and putting the mic in the empty mug and shaking during tetragrammaton, all the stage banter, and finally the tripping kid that walked across the front of the stage, it was an incredible night. This recording goes out to those of us who have had Columbus cancelled on us TWICE now. It's unfortunate, but let's hope they reschedule and bring something special with them! I've put a lot of work into this recording and there was just a flood of shows back in January when this took place so I figured I'd hold onto it for a while and put it online during a volta draught, but after this weekend I think everyone in this area that may have been in attendence deserves a little bonus! Hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy! NEVER FOR SALE!