Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kraan - 1975 - Live

Track Listings :

1. Jerk of Life (5:09)
2. Nam Nam (15:09)
3. Holiday am Matterhorn including Gipfelsturm (12:59)
4. Sarahs Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (6:00)
5. Andy Nogger (3:30)
6. Andy Nogger - Gutter King (6:59)
7. Hallo Ja Ja, I don't know (10:18)
8. Lonesome Liftboy (5:12)
9. Kraan Arabia (12:30)

- Jan Fride / drums
- Helmut Hattler / bass
- Johannes Pappert / Alto saxophone
- Peter Wolbrandt / guitar, vocals

Diddy (ProgArchives):

Sometimes, when you have enough of all the prog clichés and the omnipresent, pretentious sound orotundity it is time for a break, it is definitely time for KRAAN!

In my opinion very underrated, this german Krautrock/Fusion band shows a very different approach to progressive music than many other bands. Not abovementioned clichés take center stage but easiness and pure joy. On that account their music sometimes sounds like one endless jamsession transferring the fun to the listener in best time. I guess that's why they sold out about 300 shows in only 2 years.

Their 1975 released first live album shows imposingly how pure music sounds like. Partly Krautrock, very Psychedelic and partly Fusion, Funk and Progressive influenced the very jazzy music diffuses an unconstrained, quite relaxed feeling. Recorded 1974 in Berlin (a stronghold for Kraan) the album features expended and very extended versions of previous studio albums, mainly taken from the antecessor "Andy Nogger". The terrific percussion and bass work creates a perfect base for the melody and solo performances of the guitar and the saxophone. Johannes Pappert's saxophone sounds like a violin, or a synthesizer but actually never like a saxophone. Helmut Hatter's bassplaying can be described as the engine of their music, the driving force while guitar and saxophone contribute the soloing part. Brimming with highlights there seems to be no song to emphasize. Maybe "Holiday am Marterhorn including Gipfelsturm" (The Marterhorn is one of the highest montains of the alps) where Peter Wolbrandt outreaches himself on the guitar, a magnificent piece of, party improvised, music.

This live record is one of the best live recordings I know, actually exemplary. Pure listening pleasure and a lot of fun carried forward by this powerful and vivid performance. I think some neoprog band with their flamboyant keyboard bombast should take a leaf out of this book...

This is definitely an excellent addition to any prog music collection, highly recommended!

Kraan - Sarahs Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (1972)