Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine Studio Outtakes 1967/1968


THE BEATLES :: MAGICAL MYSTERY DEMOS :: Magical Mystery Tour/Yellow Submarine Studio Outtakes 1967/1968

Publisher: Parlophone (Fake)
Reference: B45678967
Date: 1998
Made In: GB
Quality: Very Good/Excellent
Total duration: 63:59

Lineage: Original Silver --> wav (EAC) --> flac (level 5)
Complete Artwork: Included

NOTE: This marks a new secure rip and replaces the previous seed of this silver with EAC log in torrent.

01. All Together On The Wireless Machine (Paul on the BBC 25.11.67)
02. Magical Mystery Tour (film version)
03. The Fool On The Hill (take 1 - demo version)
04. Magical Mellotron Music (incidental music)
05. Aerial Tour Instrumental (alternate version of "FLYING")
06. Where's The Bus (dialogue)
07. I Am The Walrus (take 7 - instrumental - a breakdown)
08. I Am The Walrus (take 9 - instrumental)
09. I Am The Walrus (final 'basic' version without overdubs)
10. Jessie's Dream (incidental music)
11. Blue Jay Way (rough mix)
12. They're Having A Lovely Time (dialogue)
13. Your Mother Should Know (take 1)
14. Hello Goodbye (take 1 - instrumental)
15. All You Need Is Love (original mono-mix with longer fade-out)
16. It's All Too Much (film version)
17. New Blue Meanies (dialogue)
18. All Together Now (mono-mix)
19. Hey Bulldog (mono-mix)
20. Across The Universe (alternative mix)
21. It's All Too Much (unedited long version)
22. Think For Yourself (studio talk 1965, part of which was used in the "YELLOW SUBMARINE" film)