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Sun Ra Live Tape Collection

On the fantastic dimeadozen, there has been a huge explosion of live recordings from the living myth, Sun Ra, don't miss out on this wealth of knowledge.

Happy Easter to all in the omniverse! A mammoth and exquisite Sun Ra show...essential to the legacy of El Son "sonny" Ra...
((read the notes below...THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION.))
This recent flood of amazing Sun Ra material has got me back with a, i have dug out many early Sun Ra shows and will be seeding some more great 70's material soon...
Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra
"Spaceships at Soundscape"
Soundscape, New York City. 11/24/79
24 nov 79
AUD - Cass. master - cass. 1 - DAT(this) - CDR - Flac - world

NOTE: THIS IS NOT the officially released concert from a few days earlier (see below)*

notes from Maudry discog:

T79.11.9. New York concert*
Radio broadcast, Soundscape program, WBAI-FM, New York, 11/9/79. 70 min. concert + 40 min. lecture. Good sound. [Simosko; exact date given by WKCR in 1987 when they rebroadcast the lecture.]

To be released by DIW. The lecture was published in Hambone #10. [Graves]


T79.11.24. New York concert
Spaceships at Soundscape. Soundscape, New York City. 11/24/79. 315 min. EX sound, some audience chatter audible. [Webber and Trent]

1st set:
unidentified title (perc, ob, b, bs, fls, tp, eg, vib, tb, t and tb, ens)
unidentified title (perc; Jacson, Infinity Drum; d; ens; Allen, as)
Tapestry from an Asteroid (Ra) (Tyson, voc)
Astro Black (Ra) (ens; cello; Tyson, voc; ens)
Pleiades (Ra) (fl duet)
unidentified title (vib duet; eg; b; bs; perc; bs and Omoe, bcl; tp; perc)
Mystery, Mr. Ra (Tyson and Ra, voc; Ra appears after 50 minutes of introduction)
Discipline 27 (Ra) (Allen, as; Ra, conducting)
unidentified title (vib; b; bs; ens; excellent outside Gilmore, ts)
unidentified title (Ra, p solo)
The Way You Look Tonight (Ra, solo p intro; poss. Ray, voc; Gilmore, ts)
unidentified blues (Ra, p; eg)
Big John's Special (H. Henderson)
unidentified title (Ra, p; eg)
Images (Ra) (Ra, solo p intro; Ray, tp; Ra, p; Gilmore, ts)
unidentified title (Ra, p; eg; tp; d; ens)
Spontaneous Simplicity (Ra) (Allen, fl; Ra, org) pt 1

disc 2
Spontaneous Simplicity (Ra) (Allen, fl; Ra, org) pt 2
Watusa (Ra) (eg; perc; Jacson, Infinity Drum; the 1979-1980 version)
Door of the Cosmos (Ra) (ens voc)
Discipline 27-II (Ra) (Ra, declamation)

2nd set:
unidentified title (Allen, kora; perc)
Friendly Galaxy (Ra) (tp; vib; eg; bs)
unidentified title (ens; Ray, tp; Allen, as; b; ens; Williams?, bs; ens)
Enlightenment (Dotson-Ra) (Tyson and ens, voc)

unidentified title (Wilson and Choice, vib)
unidentified title (eg)
Strange World / Black Myth (Ra) (Tyson, voc)
We're Living in the Space Age (Ra) (Tyson, voc; sax ens)
Ancient Days and Myths (Ra) (Tyson, voc; Omoe, bcl ; Ra finally appears, voc)
Tomorrow Never Comes (Ra) (Ra, voc; Tyson, voc)
Keep Your Sunny Side Up (Ra; not the standard) (Ra, declamation; ens voc; Thompson and Williams?, bs duet; conducted ens)
unidentified title (vib)
Three Little Words (Kalmar-Ruby) (poss. Ray, voc; Gilmore, ts)
Halloween in Harlem (Ra) (Ray, tp)
Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson)
unidentified blues (eg; Ra, p)

disc 4
unidentified title (Ra, syn solo)
unidentified title (Ra) (Ra, org; Allen, as)
Love in Outer Space (Ra) (Ra, org; Jacson, Infinity Drum; Williams?, bs; perc; dance)
Calling Planet Earth (Ra)
Space Is the Place (Ra) / We Travel the Spaceways (Ra)
Hit That Jive, Jack (Calloway)

The Arkestra: Michael Ray-tp; poss. Eddie Gale-tp; poss. Craig Harris-tb; Marshall Allen-as, ob, fl, kora; John Gilmore-ts, cl, timbales; prob. Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl; Eloe Omoe-as, bcl; poss. Kenny Williams-bs; James Jacson-bsn, ob, fl, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum; Ra-p, org, syn, voc; prob. Harry Wilson-vib; prob. Damon Choice-vib; poss. Skeeter McFarland-eg; poss. Taylor Richardson-eg; unidentified-clo; unidentified-b; poss. Luqman Ali-d; unidentified-d; prob. Atakatune (Stanley Morgan)-cga, perc; June Tyson-voc. [Trent with possibles by rlc]

"Most of it is far out improvisation, really excellent" [Webber]

"It was a three or four night event. A guy from Boston came down with a huge light show. Real lights – it the equipment was so large we hoisted it up the elevator shaft." [Graves]

Soundscape was a real, physical club at this time, located at 52nd Street and 10th Avenue. Bradford Graves and Verna Gillis have not been able to locate their tapes of this concert as of yet. They say, however, that there are additional recordings of Sun Ra concerts made at Soundscape between 1979 and 1985. Abdullah was not present at the 1979 concerts but recalls performing at Soundscape in 1980 or 1981, a period during which he was going to school. [rlc]

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Space IS the Place.....


ok, here is the first of a few nice gems from the mid 70s...enjoy the sounds of El Ra!
a short but sweet FM...some extra info about the show also included.

+++If anyone knows of a good ONLINE discog. of Ra's live tapes, i would love to know!
Maudry's site is way out of date, and i cant seem to find CEddy's either...
much thanks....


Sun Ra Arkestra
30 jan 75
Smiling Dog Saloon

FM master reel > cass. 1 > DAT(1) > DAT(2) > CDR > FLAC > Omniverse

Astro Nation
Love In Outer Space
Theme Of the Stargazers
The Satellights are Spinning
Friendly Galaxy #1
I Am the Brother of the Wind
I, Pharoah
Sophisticated Lady

It was the last week of January 1975. Sun Ra and his unusual group of entertainers came to Cleveland for the first time to play a six-day engagement at the Smiling Dog Saloon. From Tuesday night, January 28th, through Sunday, February 2nd, the iconoclastic band that didn’t fit any of the usual categories of jazz, played twice a night, plus a matinee on Saturday. The Thursday night show was recorded and broadcast on radio.

The announcer opened the broadcast, saying simply, "Now, the WMMS Sound broadcasts Sun Ra and the Intergactic Myth-Science Arkestra."

The scene was the Smiling Dog Saloon, a former bowling alley at West 25th and Woodbridge, just off Interstate 71. It had been Cleveland’s almost exclusive venue for jazz since 1971, the club that had presented Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Art Blakey and many others. But, this night, it was Sun Ra and his almost cult-like big band that he called an "Arkestra." Members of the band, dressed in sparkling, colorful costumes and playing almost every kind of rhythm instrument you can imagine, marched out and began parading around the stage.

Bernard Lairet, writing in The Plain Dealer, called the Sun Ra Arkestra "a drastic alternative to lovers of the stereotyped big band." By comparison, the writer said, "Maynard Ferguson might be considered dull and boring" and Stan Kenton "might be likened to a ridiculous musical dinosaur."

"In the later half of 1975 and the beginning of 1976, the Arkestra worked frequently in the Midwest: the Smiling Dog Saloon in Cleveland, various venues in Chicago, and colleges. They also played in New York and on the East Coast, including possibly the Left Bank Jazz Society in Baltimore (though this last could have come later). [Abdullah]" ~ Saturn Research

Broadcast on WMMS Cleveland

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another great FM...some of this was broadcast on WKCR in truncated form (see below), this is a complete re-broadcast from some time later, probably during one of the Sun Ra marathons.


Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra
Public Theay=tre, NYC
5 may 78
FM - Cass. master - cass. 1 - DAT(this) - CDR - Flac - world

intro / disc 27 >
shadow world
body and soul
yeah, man
lights on a satellite
sound mirror
We aravel the Spaceways

bonus - disc 2 - tracks 5 and 6 from Brescia, Italy 1983.
these were on my original tape.
1st gen aud. tape source. EX sound. sorry, its all i have.
If anyopne ha this complete, please seed!

some notes found on Maudry's discog. :
T78.5.5. New York concert
The Public Theater, New York, 5/5/78. c. 12 min. Clear recording, but off balance. [rlc; tape played on WKCR Sun Ra Festival]

Body and Soul (Heyman-Green-Sour-Eyton) (Gilmore-ts; Ra-org)
Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson) (Gilmore-cl; Ray-tp; Gilmore-ts)
Lightnin' (Ellington) (Gilmore-cl)

The Arkestra: Ra-org; Michael Ray-tp; Ahmed Abdullah-tp; Craig Harris-tb; Tony Bethel-tb; Vincent Chancey-frh; Marshall Allen-as; Danny Davis-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl; Danny Ray Thompson-bs; Eloe Omoe-bcl; James Jacson-bsn, perc; Luqman Ali-d; Atakatune-cga; Cheryl Banks-dance; Judith Holton (Wisteria)-dance; Mickey Davidson-dance. [rlc with additions and corrections by Abdullah, who has a photo taken at this gig]

Abdullah was in and out of the Arkestra at this time.


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another killer aud. tape, although a bit hissy in the quiet moments(!), that surfaced withing the last few years.... sounds like the taper was right in front on the band, or close to the side...enjoy


Sun Ra and the Arkestra
The "new" Five Spot
11 june 75
Aud. master - cass. 1 (listed that way) - Trade CDRs - ReTracked to 1 CDR - Flac - world

1. Lightning (Ellington)
3. King Porter Stomp (Morton)
4. Moonship journey
5. Improv. pt 1
6. Improv cont.
7. interlude
8. space is the place
9. continued. > we roam the cosmos > immeasurable universe...

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here's another great late 70's Ra show ...i have this listed as soundboard, but i think its one of the stage recordings that was done by the band.
inst. are clear, audience is in the background, but there is a lot of "ambience"...still, a great recording!
great set list as well...
be enlightened!

Sun Ra and his intergalactic Arkestra
Happy Medium Disco, Chicago,
September 25 1978

SBD/stage recoding > Cass. 1 ? > DAT > DAT(this) > CDR > Flac > omniverse
* also contains a brief fragment of interview with Ra at the end.

Sun Ra (org, syn); Michael Ray (tp); Walter Miller (tp); Eddie Gale (tp); Marshall Allen (as, fl, perc); Danny Davis (as, fl, perc); John Gilmore (ts, cl, timb, voc); Eloe Omoe (bcl, perc); Danny Ray Thompson (bars, fl, perc); James Jacson (bsn, fl, Inf-dr); prob. Damon Choice (vib); Dale Williams (eg); prob. Luqman Ali (dr); Atakatune (cga); June Tyson (voc).

disc 1
untitled improvisation [perc, tp, rhythmic ens., vib]
Springtime in Chicago [JT voc]
Astro Black [JT voc]
(The World Is Waiting) For the Sunrise [JT voc]
Discipline 27
The Shadow World
Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson)
Big John's Special (H.Henderson)
Over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg)

disc 2
Lights on a Satellite
Body and Soul (Heyman-Green-Sour-Eyton)
King Porter Stomp (Morton)
Second Stop Is Jupiter [ens. voc]
Space Is the Place [JT, ens. voc]
Enlightenment (Dotson-Ra) [JT, JG voc]
Next Stop Mars [ens. voc] >
Calling Planet Earth [ens. voc]


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Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Hamburg, Germany

Band Stage Master > analog copy > CD > CD > EAC (secure mode) > FLAC Level 8

Disc 1
01. untitled improvisation (07:19)
02. Tapestry From An Asteroid (02:15)
03. unknown title (04:46)
04. untitled improvisation (03:30)
05. untitled improvisation (01:47)
06. Discipline 27-II (01:55)
07. Children Of The Sun (03:45)
08. unknown title (11:59)
09. unknown title (03:40)
10. unknown title (05:46)

Disc 2
01. Prelude To A Kiss (06:00)
02. unknown title (09:34)
03. unknown title (03:15)
04. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (03:50)
05. Mack The Knife (12:51)
06. untitled improvisation // (11:13)



ok, one more great '79 Sun Ra show...a very clean soundboard, i would say NOT a stage recording.
also, ive included the short fm from Moers a few weeks earlier on the tour which was on my original DAT > CDR transfer.


Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra
Pisa, Italy
30 june 79
SBD - ? Cass. 1 - DAT(this) - CDR - Flac - world

The Arkestra: Ra-p, org, syn, voc; Walter Miller-tp; Michael Ray-tp; Curt Pulliam-tp; Tony Bethel-tb; Marvin Consell (?)-tb; Marshall Allen-as, fl, ob; Hutch Jones-as; John Gilmore-ts, cl; Leroy Taylor (Eloe Omoe)-as, bcl; Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl; James Jacson-bsn, perc; Damon Choice-vib; Taylor Richardson-eg; Skeeter McFarland-eg; "Scop"-b; Robert Barry-d; Reg McDonald-d; Atakatune (Stanley Morgan)-cga; June Tyson-voc, dance (and Evelyn Smont (?)-dance). [Trent; personnel put together from radio announcement and concert announcement]


T79.6.30. Pisa concert
Pisa, Italy, 6/30/79. 120 min. Private recording, EX sound "virtually complete concert." [Trent

disc 1 and disc 2 pt 1:

unidentified title (perc; Allen, kora; eg and perc)
Space Is the Place (Ra)
The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise (Ra)
Discipline 27 (Allen, as; Omoe, bcl; tp)
The Shadow World (Ra)
Springtime Again (Ra)
Yeah Man! (Sissle, Henderson)
Big John's Special (H. Henderson)
Watusa (Ra)
Lady Bird (Dameron) / Half Nelson (M. Davis)
King Porter Stomp (Morton)
Space Is the Place / We Travel the Spaceways / Destination Unknown / 2nd Stop Is Jupiter (Ra)
Calling Planet Earth (Ra)
Strange Celestial Road (Ra)

disc 2
Somewhere over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)
Outer Spaceways Inc. / Sun Ra and his Band from Outer Space (Ra)

Watusa (called Watusi in those days) is the arrangement heard in 1979-1980 [Trent]. =========

disc 2 cont:

T79.6.4. Moers Music Festival FM
Moers, West Germany, 6/4/79. 42 min. radio broadcast, good sound (indicated with an r); there is also a 120 minute private recording with good sound. [Iannapollo and Trent]

unidentified title (Allen-ob; perc; tb; eg)
unidentified title (ensemble; Choice-vib)
Strange World (Ra) (Tyson-voc)
Tapestry from an Asteroid (Ra)
The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Ra)
Discipline 27 (Ra)
Big John's Special (H. Henderson)
Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson)
Springtime Again (Ra)
The Shadow World (Ra) (r)
unidentified title (Ra-org; Gilmore-ts) (r)
Honeysuckle Rose (Waller-Razaf) (r)
Watusa (Ra) (an arrangement played in 1979/1980)
Space is the Place / We Travel the Spaceways (Ra) (r)
Calling Planet Earth (Ra) (r) (edited on the radio broadcast)
unidentified title (Ra-p solo) (r)
unidentified blues (r)
King Porter Stomp (Morton)
Destination Unknown (Ra) (Ra-keyb; Allen-as; ens.)
Strange Celestial Road (Ra)


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As requested by DrBBalls

got this from another torrent site...uploaded by Quimbo in sept 2006
not sure if it ever appeared here
hope this is at least part of what you're lookin for Dr
was glad to see a request that I could fill

many many thanks to tranehead, twat, freekjazz, carville, boldsouls, zombiwwof, and all the other sharers of the Sun.

Sun Ra - 03/13/78
Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, ON

Disc I - Set I

Untitled Improvisation
When There Is No Sun
(The World Is Waiting) For The Sunrise
Discipline 27
Calling Planet Earth > Take The "A" Train
Lights on a Satellite

Disc II - Set II

Yeah Man!
King Porter Stomp
Unidentified Title
Unidentified Blues
Love In Outer Space >
We Travel The Spaceways



Sun Ra Arkestra
295. (232c)
On Board the SS President, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest.
New Orleans, May 4, 1979

Strange Worlds
Black Myth
Astro Black
When There is no Sun
The Shadow World
Springtime Again
Big John's Special
Yeah Man!
Over the Rainbow
Outer Spaceways Inc.
Space is the Place
Destination Unknown
Door of the Cosmos
Greetings from the 21st Century