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Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra "Spaceships at Soundscape" Soundscape, New York City 11/24/79


Happy Easter to all in the omniverse! A mammoth and exquisite Sun Ra show...essential to the legacy of El Son "sonny" Ra...
((read the notes below...THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE VERSION.))
This recent flood of amazing Sun Ra material has got me back with a, i have dug out many early Sun Ra shows and will be seeding some more great 70's material soon...
Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra
"Spaceships at Soundscape"
Soundscape, New York City. 11/24/79
24 nov 79
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NOTE: THIS IS NOT the officially released concert from a few days earlier (see below)*

notes from Maudry discog:

T79.11.9. New York concert*
Radio broadcast, Soundscape program, WBAI-FM, New York, 11/9/79. 70 min. concert + 40 min. lecture. Good sound. [Simosko; exact date given by WKCR in 1987 when they rebroadcast the lecture.]

To be released by DIW. The lecture was published in Hambone #10. [Graves]


T79.11.24. New York concert
Spaceships at Soundscape. Soundscape, New York City. 11/24/79. 315 min. EX sound, some audience chatter audible. [Webber and Trent]

1st set:
unidentified title (perc, ob, b, bs, fls, tp, eg, vib, tb, t and tb, ens)
unidentified title (perc; Jacson, Infinity Drum; d; ens; Allen, as)
Tapestry from an Asteroid (Ra) (Tyson, voc)
Astro Black (Ra) (ens; cello; Tyson, voc; ens)
Pleiades (Ra) (fl duet)
unidentified title (vib duet; eg; b; bs; perc; bs and Omoe, bcl; tp; perc)
Mystery, Mr. Ra (Tyson and Ra, voc; Ra appears after 50 minutes of introduction)
Discipline 27 (Ra) (Allen, as; Ra, conducting)
unidentified title (vib; b; bs; ens; excellent outside Gilmore, ts)
unidentified title (Ra, p solo)
The Way You Look Tonight (Ra, solo p intro; poss. Ray, voc; Gilmore, ts)
unidentified blues (Ra, p; eg)
Big John's Special (H. Henderson)
unidentified title (Ra, p; eg)
Images (Ra) (Ra, solo p intro; Ray, tp; Ra, p; Gilmore, ts)
unidentified title (Ra, p; eg; tp; d; ens)
Spontaneous Simplicity (Ra) (Allen, fl; Ra, org) pt 1

disc 2
Spontaneous Simplicity (Ra) (Allen, fl; Ra, org) pt 2
Watusa (Ra) (eg; perc; Jacson, Infinity Drum; the 1979-1980 version)
Door of the Cosmos (Ra) (ens voc)
Discipline 27-II (Ra) (Ra, declamation)

2nd set:
unidentified title (Allen, kora; perc)
Friendly Galaxy (Ra) (tp; vib; eg; bs)
unidentified title (ens; Ray, tp; Allen, as; b; ens; Williams?, bs; ens)
Enlightenment (Dotson-Ra) (Tyson and ens, voc)

unidentified title (Wilson and Choice, vib)
unidentified title (eg)
Strange World / Black Myth (Ra) (Tyson, voc)
We're Living in the Space Age (Ra) (Tyson, voc; sax ens)
Ancient Days and Myths (Ra) (Tyson, voc; Omoe, bcl ; Ra finally appears, voc)
Tomorrow Never Comes (Ra) (Ra, voc; Tyson, voc)
Keep Your Sunny Side Up (Ra; not the standard) (Ra, declamation; ens voc; Thompson and Williams?, bs duet; conducted ens)
unidentified title (vib)
Three Little Words (Kalmar-Ruby) (poss. Ray, voc; Gilmore, ts)
Halloween in Harlem (Ra) (Ray, tp)
Yeah Man! (Sissle-Henderson)
unidentified blues (eg; Ra, p)

disc 4
unidentified title (Ra, syn solo)
unidentified title (Ra) (Ra, org; Allen, as)
Love in Outer Space (Ra) (Ra, org; Jacson, Infinity Drum; Williams?, bs; perc; dance)
Calling Planet Earth (Ra)
Space Is the Place (Ra) / We Travel the Spaceways (Ra)
Hit That Jive, Jack (Calloway)

The Arkestra: Michael Ray-tp; poss. Eddie Gale-tp; poss. Craig Harris-tb; Marshall Allen-as, ob, fl, kora; John Gilmore-ts, cl, timbales; prob. Danny Ray Thompson-bs, fl; Eloe Omoe-as, bcl; poss. Kenny Williams-bs; James Jacson-bsn, ob, fl, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum; Ra-p, org, syn, voc; prob. Harry Wilson-vib; prob. Damon Choice-vib; poss. Skeeter McFarland-eg; poss. Taylor Richardson-eg; unidentified-clo; unidentified-b; poss. Luqman Ali-d; unidentified-d; prob. Atakatune (Stanley Morgan)-cga, perc; June Tyson-voc. [Trent with possibles by rlc]

"Most of it is far out improvisation, really excellent" [Webber]

"It was a three or four night event. A guy from Boston came down with a huge light show. Real lights – it the equipment was so large we hoisted it up the elevator shaft." [Graves]

Soundscape was a real, physical club at this time, located at 52nd Street and 10th Avenue. Bradford Graves and Verna Gillis have not been able to locate their tapes of this concert as of yet. They say, however, that there are additional recordings of Sun Ra concerts made at Soundscape between 1979 and 1985. Abdullah was not present at the 1979 concerts but recalls performing at Soundscape in 1980 or 1981, a period during which he was going to school. [rlc]

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