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Acid Mothers Temple - 2008 03 21 - The 506, Chapel Hill, NC


Acid Mothers Temple
March 21st, 2008
The 506
Chapel Hill, NC

Roland Edirol R-09 (on-board mics, low cut on & AGC off, saved as 16 bit 44.1khz .WAV) > GoldWave (stereo channels swapped) > WaveLab (normalized to 0dB, SL-1 Stereo Expander @ 100%) > CDWAV (tracks split and saved as .FLAC level 8 ) > foobar2000 (ReplayGain + Tags)

Location: House front-center

Taper: ZaPenguin (pjzyhfz02(AT) or

SOUND QUALITY: A/A- (Higashi's guitar and vocals are barely audible - this, however, is an accurate portrayal of how it sounded in the venue)

Tsuyama Atsushi: monster bass, voice, cosmic joker
Higashi Hiroshi: synth, guitar, voice, dancin'king
Shimura Koji: drums, latino cool
Kawabata Makoto: guitar, voice, speed guru

"Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (and subsequent offshoots) is a Japanese psychedelic band founded in 1995 by members of the Acid Mothers Temple soul-collective. The band is led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto and early in their career featured many musicians but by 2004 the line-up had coalesced with 4 core members and frequent vocal guests.

The band have a reputation for phenomenal live shows, and releasing frequent albums on a number of international record labels, as well as the Acid Mothers Temple family record label which was established in 1998 to document the activities of the whole collective."
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which every 14 year old has edited.


Intro jam, Dark Star (incl. ???), improvisations ("Baby!"), La Novia (incl. La Le Lo), Pink Lady Lemonade

The 506 is a very comfy mid-sized club along the main strip of Chapel Hill, North Carolina [citation needed]. North Carolina is a five hour drive from the suburban outskirts of D.C. [totally disputed]. It should be noted that northern Virginia should just be bulldozed and started again from scratch, because, as many experts [attribution needed] have mentioned, the traffic there is absolutely hellacious.

Truth be told, this was a six and a half hour drive, with I-95 occupying a goodly three plus hours of said drive. If anybody here has heard any horror stories about the stretch of I-95 from College Park to Richmond, by all means BELIEVE WHAT YOU HEAR. Woodrow Wilson didn't commit suicide, but he would have if he saw his fucking Memorial Bridge.

On the bright side, the traffic let up somewhere outside of Richmond, allowing your intrepid taper/reporter to observe the most frightening overpass ever conceived. Whatever tortured soul thought this one up should be awarded a special position designing Greek punishments. Unfortunately, I was not able to make a suitable photographic record of the monsterosity, but those of you who've driven through Richmond probably know the beast of which I speak.

That said, the show was more than worth the journey. The whole band was in fine spirits, with Tsuyama greaty amused at the venue's smoking setup: Smokers in the back near the bar, non-smokers on the main floor, "heavy, heavy smokers" on stage. Kawabata once again earned the label of "Speed Guru", with all manners of sickness erupting from his guitar - and dig that epic jam at the end of Pink Lady Lemonade!

Special thanks to a majorly awesome North Carolinian (whose name totally escapes me) for letting me crash on his couch. And for not lynching me when I locked myself out of the house with a phone alarm blaring away.

01. Improv jam [10:35]
02. dialogue [0:46]
03. Dark Star [16:46]
04. chatter [1:17]
05. Baby Free-Jazz/Be-Bop Improv (incl. smoke lecture) [2:54]
06. chatter [0:46]
07. La Novia (incl. La Le Lo) [20:54]
08. Tsuyama's Recorder/Bass Solo [2:27]
09. Pink Lady Lemonade [29:27]

As far as the recording process itself is concerned, nothing too bizarre going on. I cannot say the same for the material recorded.

Do not sell this recording. Do not buy this recording. Do not sell this recording, then buy it from yourself. When U.S. Route 15 / State Route 501 splits into three parts, your best bet is to panic. If you're in a strange land five hours from home and some generous individual offers to let you crash on his couch, please do not return the favor by setting your alarm to go off at 4:30AM, then locking yourself out of the house.

Torrented by the taper: ZaPenguin

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