Friday, February 15, 2008

Various Artists - 2007 - Florida Funk

"There's a whole lot more going down in Florida than alligators and Disney World -- as you'll hear on this amazing little set! The package follows brilliantly in the tradition of Jazzman's Texas and Midwest Funk compilations -- and like those collections, this one uncovers an incredible amount of under-heard music from an especially unlikely source! Florida is usually best remembered as the home of TK disco in the 70s, or contemporary club in more recent years -- but back in the late 60s and early 70s, the state was a hotbed of indie funk activity -- with loads of artists who were every bit as great as bigger names from points north, all working in an underground network of clubs, studios, and labels. The Jazzman team of Gerald Short and Malcolm Catto have really outdone themselves here -- providing not only almost two dozen great funky tracks, but also a wealth of notes and information on each track -- all served up in one really beautiful little package! The CD features a whopping 24 pages of notes and pictures all in color -- with titles that include "Quit Jive'in" by Pearly Queen, "Cutting Room (Hot Pants)" by Oceanliners, "Super Cool" by Carrie Riley & The Fascinations, "Pure Funk (part 2)" by Delrays, "Do Right Man" by Sam Baker, "All The Time" by Bobby Williams & His Mar Kings, "Butterfly Theme" by Blowfly, "Lay It On Me" by Willie Johnson, "Funky Fast Bump" by The Outlaw Gang, "Na Na" by Coke, "Get Down" by The Montereys, "90% Of Me Is You" by Vanessa Kendrick, "Soft Soul" by Lavell Kamma, "Baby Don't Cry" by Third Guitar, "Spider Web" by Weston Prim & Backlash, "Soul Food" by Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders, "Save Me" by James Knight & The Butlers, and "It's Gonna Be A Mess (part 2)" by The Mighty Dogcatchers. US pressing features the bonus track "Soft Soul" by Lavell Kamma -- and different cover art too!"


1. New generation (The Universals)
2. Quit Jive In (Pearly Queen)
3. save Me (James Knight & The Butlers)
4. Super Cool (Carrie Riley & The Fascinations)
5. Cutting Room (Ocean Liners)
6. Its Gonna Be a Mess (The Mighty Dogcatchers)
7. All The Time (Bobby Williams & is Mar Kings)
8. Do Right man (Sam Baker)
9. Good Things (Pearl Dowdell)
10. Pure Funk (Delrays)
11. Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay (Little Beaver)
12. Butterfly Theme (Blowfly)
13. Lay It On Me (Willie Johnson)
14. Funky Fast Bump (The Outlaw Gang)
15. Los Feligreses (Luis santi y Su Conjunto)
16. Nana (Coke)
17. Soul food (Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders)
18. Baby dont cry (The Third Guitar)
19. Spider Web (Weston Prim and Backlash)
20. Get Down (The Montereys)

This is a seriously funky album, presented by Malcolm Catto of the Heliocentrics, check this shit out!