Friday, February 29, 2008

Tony Williams Lifetime - New York - November 1969


-- Tony Williams Lifetime --

Tony Williams
John McLaughlin
Larry Young

01 - To Whom it May Concern
02 - Emergency
03 - Unknown Title
04 - A Famous Blues
05 - Something Spiritual

cassettes > PC (soundforge)> wav > Flac frontend level 8

date : November, 1969
length : 39 minutes

**** note ****
songs 1 & 2 are from the tape that was broadcast and most collectors have
songs 3,4,5 are off the unedited radio station master reel

Tony Williams Lifetime a 5 song radio broadcast from late
November 1969 the first 2 songs while not 100% are a lower gen
than what most collectors have and no noise reduction added or
any tweaking done (the person I got the tape from said they were
told the radio broadcast was from late November 1969)

songs 3 > 5 are a new find dubbed off the radio station master reel
my cassette is very low gen, I was told a search was made of the
radio station archives but the first 2 songs were not found.

***please*** Tweakers ...... do not tweak songs 3,4,5 as they are no more than 2 gens from the master reel
songs 1 and 2 are a different story

at the start of song 3 the " Unknown Title " there was a long loud beep of
the recording warning signal from the Polydor studio I shortened it to 2 seconds
and reduced the volume so you hear it but it should not bother anyone.

in the USA " Emergency " was released as 2 seperate LP's and it appears
Polydor to stimulate interest in the 2nd LP release gave a tape with
a couple of live tracks to a New York radio station ("Emergency" and
a new song the as yet unrecorded "To Whom it May Concern")
The radio station must have asked for more so they could play a
longer live broadcast and Polydor recorded Lifetime in the studio
and gave them this tape.

Whether all 5 songs are from the same session or 2 sessions or
a mix of live and studio will only be answered when someone writing
a Tony Williams discography has access to the Polydor recording session files.