Friday, February 29, 2008

John Zorn and Big John Patton 1988-08-28


Note: This is a corrected description and different from the info file.

John Zorn and company performing four long untitled tracks at Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, Austria. Featuring John Patton, James 'Blood' Ulmer and Bobby Previte. The disc I received sounds like a radio show that has had some commentary edited out as some tracks are cut, but only during the applause. Excellent performance and sound. Enjoy!

Also, lists this date as being only three tracks; the first track might be from another date, the guitar playing sounds a bit different from on the other tracks but I will leave that up to better informed ears than mine. The bottom line is that this is great music and well worth having.

Gee Gee 12:14
Along Came John 22:08
The Way I Feel 20:55
Minor Swing 24:14

Thanks to everyone who helped!

CDR received in trade - xAct - FLAC