Monday, February 11, 2008

In Lingua Mortua - Bellowing Sea - Racked by Tempest (2007)

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1. Oceanus Procellarum 01:55
2. Awe and Terror 08:08
3. Mirage 07:23
4. Relinquish 06:01
5. Lacus Somniorum 00:40
6. Winsome to Bestial 05:07
7. Sowers of Discord 11:07
8. The Melancholy Surge 09:14

Total playing time: 49:35

In Lingua Mortua is a project Lars F. F. started back in 1999. The music was inspired by a wide range of music everything from Norwegian black metal of the 90s to prog rock of the 70s, to jazz of the 50s, to country, to folk, to classical music, to electronica/trip-hop to film music (film noir and horror in particular).

The first album, "Bellowing Sea - Racked by Tempest" is lyrically a mix of Van der Graaf Generators "A Plague of Lighthouse keepers" from their 1971 album Pawn hearts, Dante's "Inferno" and Homer's "Odyssey", and was created in 1999/2000 and recordings began in the summer 2000. It consists of 8 tracks (a total of about 50 minutes). With him he got Uruz (from Urgehal, Shining and Vulture Lord) on drums, Marius Olaussen (from Ásmegin) on guitar, Trondr Nefas (from Urgehal, Vulture Lord, Beastcraft and Kvist) on vocal, Raymond Haakenrud (from Ásmegin) on additional guitar, Kristian Hultgren (from Wobbler) on saxophones, Sareeta (from Ram-Zet, Solefald and Borknagar) on violin and Jonny Pedersen on flute. Things moved slowly, and the project was haunted by one disaster after the other. The last recordings were finished summer 2005 Since things moved so slowly, Lars made the basic ideas for the second album.

Then autumn 2006 In Lingua Mortua was signed by the norwegian indie-label Termo Records ( and finally June 11th the album was set to be released in Norway and July 18th in the rest of the world.

ILM is currenly well into recording the second album, which will feature lots of guest musicians like Jørgen Munkeby (from the norwegian Shining) on sax and bass clarinet, Niklas Kvarfoth (from the swedish Shining) on some vocal, Ketil Einarsen (from Jaga Jazzist) on flute, Petter Berntsen (from Audiopain) on rickenbacker bass, plus tons of various guitarists (Jacob Holm-Lupo, Thomas Myrvold, Tony Kareid, Geir Marius Bergom Halleland, Raymond Haakenrud, Martin Johansson and many more..). Jens Petter Nilsen (from Xploding Plastix) will give some assistance with the recordings. As always, Lars will use many of his vintage keyboards (like mellotron, moog, arp, clavinet, rhodes, hammond and so on - no shitty samples or modern keyboards) all over the place, though this second album will be more guitar-oriented in general.