Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dr. Octagon - 1996 - Dr. Octagonecologyst

Dr. Octagon
Dr. Octagonecologyst
Label: Bulk Recordings


"Despite the sophomoric though hilarious segues and the often nonsensical and misogynistic word play, Keith alludes the purpose of Dr. Octagon on the first non-skit track of the, 3000." Keith ends every verse with the phrase, 'Rap moves on to the year three thousand," which seemed like the time whence this album had come from when it was first released and still rings true now. Production-wise, the album was a hip hop singularity in the midst of G-Funk and whiny synthesizers. Not only were the Automator's beats futuristic but DJ Qbert's work on the tables is like anything else heard beyond his Inivisibl Skratch Piklz DJ collective. Arguably, his scratching can be compared to the works of any great instrumental soloist, the techniques he employs being the culmination of the work of his forebears and his own unique talent. It's a simply skillful display of the turntable as an instrument in and of itself. In a time slightly predating seminal alternative hip hop works like Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus or DJ Shadow's Entroducing as well as the whole underground scene itself really, Dr. Octagon proved to be Keith's out-there brain child. Another innovation for his resume.

And Dr. Octagon was well received as an innovation. Celebrated as a classic by heads and critics, alike, the album ended up as a cross-over hit much like it's conceptual follower, Deltron 3030. However, Keith's lyricism is also among the most bizarre the genre, or any genre for that matter, has ever produced. It comes in the form of raunchy body humor, blunt sexual advances as well as free flowing poetry. As such, it can pose an obstacle for those uninitiated to hip hop or those expecting or used to less atypical lyricism. It all depends.

How bizarre do you like it?" ~Sputnik


1. Intro
2. 3000
3. I Got To Tell You
4. Earth People
5. No Awareness (Feat. Sir Menelik)
6. Technical Difficulties (Feat. Kut Masta Kurt)
7. General Hospital
8. Blue Flowers
9. A Visit To The Gynecologyst
10. Bear Witness
11. Dr. Octagon (Feat. Sir Menelik, Kut Masta Kurt)
12. Girl Let Me Touch You
13. I'm Destructive
14. Wild And Crazy
15. Elective Surgery
16. On Production (Feat. Sir Menelik)
17. Biology 101
18. Earth People (Earth Planet Mix)
19. Waiting List (DJ Shadow/Automator Mix)/Half Shark Half Alligator Half Man