Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bob Marley - Pomps and Pride Demos


well, since the Marley ban has been lifted I thought I might join the line of folks who have been uploading Marley material during these past days

what you are about to find here has been (to the best of my knowledge) available to only a few people until it was finally "liberated" over at M&T for Mr. Marley's birthday

I've had my copy for little while longer so for those who finished their download at M & T and would like to join seeding here I'm not sure if this will work - my version does NOT come from is extremely likely that they come from the same source and might have the same track lengths (I haven't compared them yet); however, the check files might not match

anyway, these five songs have been circulating as the "Pomps and Pride Demos"

01 Pomps and Pride
02 Russian Invasion - Take 1
02 Russian Invasion - Take 2
04 Slogans - Take 1
05 Slogans - Take 2

of course a re-recorded version of "Slogans" has been officially released; however these demos here are imho very different so they will hopefully be allowed to remain in the seed

"Pomps and Pride" and "Russian Invasion" have yet to see any official publishing

there is some speculation as to when this stuff was recorded...Stephen Davis writes in his marley biography that Bob was preoccupied with "Slogans" while in London during the summer of the 1980 Uprising Tour...others believe that while he might have worked on the song he did not start recording early versions until later that same year (September, Essex House, NYC)

to sum it up I guess the general consensus at this point is that this material was recorded between 1979 and 1980