Sunday, January 6, 2008

Vetiver - 2004 - Vetiver

Strongly fertilized by traditional acoustic music, and more subtly cross-pollinated by the jumpiness of old cajun music and the sparseness of minimalism, with its bare suggestions of melodies that the listener fills in for himself, Vetiver gracefully navigates folk and pop savannas with ease. Chief songwriter Andy Cabic is a member of the Raymond Brake, whose 1995 full-length, piles of dirty winters (simple machines), melded the experimental rock sensibilities of polvo and sonic youth with bright melodic touches of classic pop. After moving to san francisco cabic enlisted violinist Jim Gaylord and Cellist Alissa Anderson, along with Young God recording artist Devendra Banhart, who shares co-writing credits on "Los pajaros del rio" and "Amour fou" and contributes guitar and vocals to the album. My Bloody Valentine's colm o'ciosoig played on "luna sea" and "on a nerve," vocals on "angels' share" are courtesy of Mazzy star's hope sandoval. "Amerilie" features the harp-playing of joanna newsom, craig koozer plays bass on "amour fou," and nick holdzkom piano on "luna sea." So, as you can see, its a veritable who's who of an album - one that comes highly recommended at that. - Bookmat