Friday, January 11, 2008

Otis Jackson Jr. Trio - 2007 - Jewelz

Madlib is back (did he ever really go away?) but this time he's in his Yesterday's New Quintet guise, cunningly going under the 'Otis Jackson Jr. Trio' moniker. are you confused yet? Well I know I am, and if the clues from initial YNQ releases were anything to go by there's a good chance that this 'trio' is merely 'Lib himself doing a bit of fancy multitracking, that talented beast. Well yeah, it's great stuff too - those of you who were swayed into action by releases like 'Stevie' and 'Angles Without Edges' will no doubt be salivating at the thought and trust me it doesn't disappoint. The drumming is as tight as ever, and as breaks-heavy (just listen for those classic rhythms!) with the whole thing underpinned by ridiculous distorted Rhodes that sounds like it's stepped right out of a blaxploitation movie. There are six jams on offer here and they might not be for the uninitiated, but those of you tuned into Madlib's insane talent and mischievous humour will no doubt get a boat-load of kicks out of this killer 12". Recommended! -