Saturday, January 19, 2008

Miles Davis - The Bottom Line - June 10, 1975 and June 11, 1975


Let me add the companion to the Bottom Line Show recently uploaded by jkeisers. I don't think this has been up here before. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Sound: B, probably audience recording
Lineage: CD from trade->EAC->flac level 8

Info from Peter Losin's site:

June 10, 1975 (12 items; TT = 96:24)
Bottom Line Club, New York NY
Audience recording
Miles Davis Septet

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sam Morrison (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

First concert, first set
1-1 Funk [Prelude, part 1] 12:11
1-2 Latin (incomplete) 5:22
1-3 Untitled Original 750505 4:49
1-4 Announcement 0:10

First concert, second set
2-1 Band warming up 0:53
2-2 For Dave 14:10
2-3 Ife 7:42
2-4 Right Off 9:13

Second concert, first set
2-5 Maiysha 12:39
2-6 Latin 5:55
2-7 Untitled Original 741106a 11:51
2-8 Untitled Original 750505 7:14

Note: In the ancient "1975 Tree" there was a CD labeled "Bottom Line 1975-6-10". However, this was _not_ the present show. It was another version of the 1975-6-11 show seeded by jkeisers. If you have the CD from the 1975 tree you don't have this music


June 11, 1975
The Bottom Line, New York City
audience recording or radio broadcast

Miles Davis (tp, org)
Sam Morrison (ts, ss, fl)
Pete Cosey (g, pc, synth)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Michael Henderson (b)
Al Foster (d)
James "Mtume" Foreman (pc)

First set:

1. Turnaroundphrase [Moja] (14:05)
--> Willie Nelson
--> Tune in 5
--> Turnaroundphrase [Nne}
2. For Dave [Will, Unknown L] (16:26)
3. Untitled original 750505 [Untitled #19, Untitled original F] (04:31)
--> applause

Second set:

1. Funk [Prelude part 1, Tatu, Untitled original C] (13:40)
2. Ife (17:25)
3. Maiysha (08:40)
4. Right Off (15:55)
--> applause

Source/lineage: unknown. Received in trades.
Sound is decent for an audience recording from this period.
According to Enrico Merlin this comes from a radio broadcast.

I had two nearly complete versions of this, and a version with large parts of the first and second set. This seed is a compilation of the best of what I have. There are some problems with the first tune of the second set. It has a few cuts and gaps, and I have made no attempts to correct this. I have another version without the cuts and gaps, but because of the lesser sound quality I did not include that one. This seed has the complete show. It is one of my personal favorites--one of the highlights of the period between 1972 and 1975.