Sunday, January 20, 2008

Matthew A. Tavares - 2008 - Nacht EP

Release: 2008
Genre: Modern Classical / Minimal / Ambient

"I like just sitting down at a piano and playing what comes to mind and recording it. Recently I've been going through some of those recordings and notating things I liked and trying to add to them. Five of the six tracks on this EP are just piano duets, one half notated, one half completely improvised. The other track is a minimal experiment using multiple-phasing and different voices. This whole EP follows the whole Steve Reich phasing concept - rhythms are altered by slightly speeding up and slowing down. It's fairly short, but there is quality material on here, definitely a relaxing and hypnotic listen."

01. Encore (3:19)
02. Nacht (2:17)
03. Reich (4:25)
04. Tape (1:39)
05. Reverb (1:54)
06. Fin (3:28)

Basically the whole thing sounds like the bastard child of Steve Reich, a High-Fidelity Library Tapes and Keith Jarrett.