Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Mars Volta - 2008.01.09 - Higher Ground, Berlington, VT


The Mars Volta
January 9th, 2008
Higher Ground Ballroom
South Burlington, Vermont

Source: Mics: DSM-6S/M
> PA-6LC3 (Battery Box w/ Bass Roll Off @ 108 Hz)
> Recorder(Portable Digital Hardrive):iRiver Model:iHP-120(wav @ 44.1 KHz 16 bit)
Transfer: >USB2>Computer Hardrive> Adobe Audition (EQ and Normalization)>CD WAVE> FLAC (level 8)

Edit notes: Bass reduction with parametric eq

Recorded By: Nathan Chow (
Seeded by: Zaid Khan (

01. Intro/Fistful of Dollars
02. Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)
03. Viscera Eyes
04. Wax Simulacra
05. Goliath
06. Conjugal Burns
07. Tetragrammaton
08. Agadez
09. Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus
10. Metatron
11. Drunkship of Lanterns
12. Ilyena
13. Meccamputechture
14. Aberinkula
15. Day of The Baphomets

Record Notes: This is my first recording ever. I think it turned out alright. Thanks to Zaid Khan for the equipment, and much respect to the following tapers for giving the Volta community great boots over the years. I`t's because of you guys that I wanted to add to the library;
Galen, Al Tavorich, Martin, Jeff Shaw, Mike B, Adam Lancaster, T Simpson, Rob Cunningham, Rob Kismet, Adam, Iceman, Brian V, and any others I may have forgotten
Recorded from stereo mics behind the ear 5.5 ft. from the ground spaced 7 inches apart.
The show was recorded about 45 ft back in at center stage in the audience.
The iRiver was set to +35.0 dB volume gain.
This is a dancing recording. I was dancing like a maniac. What this means to the recording;
There is a rotating stereo effect, due to my 'head-banging'. I don't think it takes away from the recording... I rather enjoy it, but it's a personal feel.
There are one or two volume dropouts (very noticiable for a second or two in Cygnus) do to me 'getting down' behind people, and the sound being partially blocked.
There are skips in some of the tracks. Most noticiable in Metatron, Drunkship (especially during the jam) and Baphomets. I think this is because I'm dancing so hard that the iRivers cache is being expended.
There are two mic drops (one during Cygnus and another during Metatron).
Another issue, there are some static noises in Drunkship, Ilyena, and Aberinkula.
I tired to minimize my clapping and cheering to get a good recording, but you can hear me say 'Yes.' before Ilyena, as well as sing some fo the lyrics. I also expect that you can hear my exhuasted breathing sometime after Metatron, though I haven't had a chance to listen to the boot with high quality cans yet.

Show Notes: This is the first official show of the Bedlam tour. It was the 6th TMV show I've seen, and possibly the best. I was certainly the sorest after dancing to this show. There was no opener, they were set to start at 9pm, but didn`t go on until about 9:40pm. I thought the crowd was great, but I was at center back. I heard some complaints afterwards of slam dancing, near the middle of the ballroom. The rumours are very true, Pridgen is a beast incarnate.

Enjoy this. And be nice to tapers, please.