Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Make a Rising - Rip through the Black Hawk Night

1. Look at My Hawk (6:22)
2. Song for Dead Nickie (5:09)
3. When Moving West (6:38)
4. Plastic Giant (3:58)
5. Pun Womb (2:02)
6. I'm Scared of Being Alone (5:23)
7. Lovely It May Seem (4:41)
8. Lonesome in the Skiff (4:49)
9. Expired Planet (3:26)
10. Partial Thoughts (2:34)

Tunneling its way out of the West Philadelphia netherworld, Make A Rising is a band that is beyond unique. The quintet's debut record is a swirling mix of violin, keyboard, guitars, drums, saxophone, trumpet, bells, whistles, and assorted noisemakers - all swelling together for subversively addictive pop gems. With orchestral crescendos combined with off-kilter vocals and fast-changing tempos, Make A Rising is the sound of chaos, bliss, bravado, nerves and naïveté, avant chamber rock at its most dynamic - like Daniel Johnston singing Beach Boys songs interpreted by Naked City.

Concealed by layers of exposed innocence and dark humor, Make A Rising is a serious compositional enterprise that owes as much to Henry Cowell as Henry Cow. The band's unique sound is derived from fusing progressive rock with elements of modern composition and free-jazz abandon. Make A Rising's unique arrangements and reckless tempo shifting make the band much more exciting than other bands who attempt a similar amalgamation. Rip Through the Hawk Black Night is a testament to the band's emphasis on creativity. It's not invention for the sake of invention, but rather a challenge to themselves to project ideas rather than reflect them.