Monday, January 14, 2008

Kashiwa Daisuke - 2007.08.24 - Program Music I

Score: 8.5/10

Being completely un-familiar with the work of Kashiwa Daisuke, I had no idea what to expect when I recieved this assignment for review. Which, in all certainty, made this a lot more interesting and difficult of a review to write. While Daisuke has released a few 12”s and one previous full length album prior to Program Music I, his presence hasn’t been quite so well known until now.

On the opening track "Stella," a 35 minute epic, Kashiwa Daisuke opens by dabbling a few piano keys accompanied by well placed electronic blips and glitches found rather (too) often in the works of World's End Girlfriend. After a few minutes, he introduces an acoustic guitar which beautifully eases into the orchestral strings, layered with subtle and very delicate glitches, and then he's off into his own fantastically beautiful world which we, as the audience, can only watch him peform in wonder. This track is truly one of the most ambitious I've heard in years, in fact, not since B. Fleischmann's - "Take Your Time" (Welcome Tourist) has an epic been written so effectively.

The second track, while not quite as effective as the first, is still a great feat from this up and coming musician. This again shows why Kashiwa Daisuke is going to be one of the top musicians performing and composing modern classical pieces right now. To be able to follow up something so mind blowing with another respectable track afterwards,not only shows Daisuke's consistency, but also just how creative this man is.

Overall, to say this album is worth picking up would be a giant understatement. Hell, buy it for your grandmother and parents as well. If they're not captivated by it, then you have my sincere permission to disown them. Assuming they're human, you shouldn't have to.

-Jonathan Craig

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