Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Black Flag - The Channel, Boston, MA 1985-06-30


Black Flag
The Channel,
Boston, MA

Source\Lineage: Aiwa CM70>Sony WM-D6c(m)>AUD(1)>Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>CD>EAC>flac (level 8)

Speed corrected tracks: same as about except after “CD” add>”AUDACITY (-38% correction)>.wav extract” prior to “flac (level 8)”…if yer so inclined.

Taper: Harrison Merims

1) …Three Nights
2) Loose Nut
3) I’m The One
4) Annihilate This Week
5) Wasted
6) Bastard in Love
7) Black Coffee
8) Modern Man
9) Forever Time
10) Slip It In
11) Gimme Gimme Gimme (cut-tape flip)
12) This Is Good
13) In My Head
14) Wound Up (speed correction on last 15secs)
15) Sinking (speed correction)
16) I’ve Had It (speed correction)
17) >henry’s lament< (speed correction)
Raw files:
18) Wound Up (uncorrected)
19) Sinking (uncorrected)
20) I’ve Had It (uncorrected)
21) >henry’s lament< (uncorrected)


Henry: ‘We’re doin’ our Bob Dylan set today, is that ok?...Can we just do our Bob Dylan cover set today and just blow off all the other songs?...You guys are suckers, we wouldn’t do that shit…’

This Black Flag show is a completely uncirculated show, and it is OUTRAGEOUS; top-notch sound and a blistering performance. There was a problem at the end of “Wound Up” where the tape speed got really screwy. This sometimes happens with old cassettes, but I can’t notice any damage. It also maintained a consistent speed…very fast. I corrected tracks 15-17 with AUDACITY to 38%. This seems to be the pretty close, but I also included the raw files, fer those of you who would like to try their own hand at it.

I also corrected the end of “Wound Up” once the speed hits that level as well…you’ll hear it at the very end start to speed up, then change. Other than that, and the small cuts, this show is damn near perfect.

Please note. Most of the master cassettes were lost, given away or taped over in lieu of 1st gen copies which cut out the gaps and made each more listener friendly. These are the lowest known gens still in existence!


When I first started transferring the early Meat Puppets shows fer Dave, I mentioned that I would be up to helping folks transfer their stuff, if they needed it. Harrison was the only taker (so far??), and now we’ll all benefit from his kindness and trust with these shows! Boundless thanks to him!! All the shows are from the mid-‘80’s in the Boston area. More to come! Until then


But PLEASE!!...