Monday, January 21, 2008

Astroid Power-Up! - 2003 - Google Plex

"when i was a little kid and in school, i would bore very easily, and ended up doing things like drawing mazes and writing out googles. very OCD. when i was 15, i heard Coltrane's "giant steps" for the first time, and for the first time was aware of the mathematics behind music. The song "giant steps" has always sounded to me like a gem rotating in space. when i heard bach's "a musical offering" and "the art of the fugue," i heard, for the first time, the mazes and contours i had imagined put into music. So, it was all over from then on. Deantoni picked up the chicken bones and pots before he knew what a drumkit was. he played with the highschool jazz band at the age of 5, and I have a tape of him just murdering "billy jean" when just a little tyke. so, we met in 2002, recorded for the first time in september 2002, and the first album was done by June 03. It is my first attempt at electronic music, and has a certain naivety inherent in the techniques. I started showing the album around in 04, after being convinced by people who were hearing it that it was really cool. the second album should be done in some months from now. It will incorporate much more of a DSP/timbre morphing sound, and hopefully i'll map some of those mazes. scott"
- From Astroid Power-Up! myspace

Fireflower- 4:24
Into the Woods - 6:26
the Revolt of 1042 - 7:55
Tightrope - 4:09
El Gordo - 5:19