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Radio Vago - S/T (2005)

Artist: Radio Vago
Title: Radio Vago
Released: 2005
Label: Buddyhead
Producer: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

New Wave/Punk

L.A.'s Radio Vago didn't release their debut album until after they had sadly disbanded. Even to call it a release is pushing it somewhat, as it was only available in iTunes format via the Buddyhead records website for a 'donation'. The album mixes new wave, punk and goth influences and features The Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez as producer and who also plays guitar on one track. Also featured on 'The Watcher' is another one time TMV collaborator Sara Goss.

  1. Radar
  2. Neo Pacifiers
  3. The Sinking (aka "Flatline")
  4. Dandelion
  5. E Neifi (Featuring Omar A. Rodriguez)
  6. If Today
  7. Love and Thieves
  8. Plebian's Mislead
  9. The Watcher (Featuring Sara Gross)
  10. Memetic

The For Carnation - 2000 - The For Carnation

The For Carnation
Recording Date: Jul 1998-Jul 1999
Release Date: Apr 2000
Label: Touch & Go
Time: 43:43


"The For Carnation's self-titled, long-awaited follow-up to Marshmallows finds the group shedding their most obvious post-rockisms in favor of a slow, smoky sound steeped in paranoia and claustrophobia. As sparse and stealthy as ever, the For Carnation's songs now have a heightened, eye-of-the-storm drama that sets every creeping bassline, guitar, or keyboard fill into stark relief. Tense strings, spacey echoes, and other dark sonic details punctuate Brian McMahan's hushed vocals, coloring them somewhere between reflective and threatening. Though the ghost of jazzy, Tortoise-style post-rock still hovers around "Snoother," songs like the spectral "Tales (Live From the Crypt)," the soundtrack-ready "Emp. Man's Blues," and the disconcerting instrumental "Being Held" are much more emotionally immediate than the cerebral leanings of most of the band's contemporaries. The For Carnation's implosive dread is so expressive, yet so quiet, that it sounds like it's seeped inside your head. Ultimately, that's far more unsettling than any cranked-up rant." ~AMG


01 Emp. Man's Blues
02 A Tribute To
03 Being Held
04 Snoother
05 Tales (Live from the Crypt)
06 Moonbeams

Black Ox Orkestar - 2004 - Ver Tanzt?

Black Ox Orkestar
Ver Tanzt?
Recording Date: 2003
Release Date: Apr 2004
Label: Constellation

Jewish Folk

"Evenly split between instrumentals and vocal tunes, this debut album is a compelling blend of originals and new arrangements for pieces pulled from various Eastern European songbooks. The band aims to expand the definition of Jewish diasporic music, by learning and reinterpreting songs and rhythms from all over Slavic and Balkan Europe. Lyrics are in Yiddish and aim to speak forcefully to the bloody history and intractable contradictions of Jewish diaspora and 'return'. With backgrounds in punk-rock, free-jazz, and other liberation musics, the all-acoustic playing on this record benefits from a genuinely spirited delivery and intensely original approaches to arrangements that never feel forced. This is modern folk music from Eastern European sources played strong, unburdened by antiseptic production and/or cheap sentimentality.

Songs range from the propulsive to the sublimely restrained. "Fishelakh in Vaser" explodes with a pumping free-music rhythm section, "Cretan Song" is a staccato Balkan dance, and "Ver Tantz?" is an angry, politically-charged klezmer-punk original. Instrumentals "Shvartze Flamen..." and "Nign", along with the brilliant original "Toyte Goyes" (lyrics taken from a poem by Yiddish writer Itzik Fefer) are meditative and heartrending. Jessica Moss (violin, bass clarinet), Thierry Amar (contrebasse) and Scott Levine Gilmore (vocals, mandolin, cymbalom, drums) all play in Silver Mt. Zion, and Gabe Levine (clarinet, guitar) was chief songwriter in Sackville." ~constellation


01 Shvartze Flamen, Vayser Fayer
02 Papir Iz Dokh Vays
03 Fishelakh in Vaser
04 Cretan Song
05 Ver Tanzt?
06 Stav Ya Pitv
07 Nign
08 Toyte Goyes in Shineln
09 Kalarash
10 Forn Forstv
11 Skocne
12 Moscowitz Terkisher
13 Di Khasente

Tony Williams Lifetime at Montreux Jazz Festival June 13, 1971


Tony Williams Lifetime

Tony Williams
Larry Young
Ted Dunbar
Don Alias
Warren Smith
Juni Booth

......Claude Nobs intro
01 - Emergency
02 - The Urchins of Shermese
03 - drum solo
04 - Circa 45
05 - Big Nick
06 - The Mystic Knights Of The Sea
07 - There Comes a Time
08 - Emergency reprise 1
09 - Mom and Dad
10 - Emergency reprise 2
......Claude Nobs outro

cassette > PC (soundforge)> wav > Flac frontend level 8

date : June 13, 1971
length : 70 minutes

Tony Williams Lifetime at Montreux Jazz Festival June 13, 1971
from a very rare tape either the radio station copy or a soundboard
most of the final song was missing (10 - Emergency reprise 2)
the tape ended suddendly and restarted during the applause
the missing 45 seconds was inserted from an incomplete radio
broadcast of the concert from JCDB's collection

a cover is included ...... HINT ....... the Front cover looks real nice on Glossy paper !
the back cover is rotated so when you print it avoids the problem
of printers that by default .... print to fit to page width

Rashanim – 2006 - Shalosh

"With its exciting blend of rock, jazz and jewish music, Rashanim has quickly become one of the most dynamic bands in the Jewish New Music scene. Their last release Masada Rock has garnered them much well deserved attention, and after extensive touring through Europe the band is more than ready for their third studio recording on Tzadik. Tighter than ever, this Jewish power trio rips through an electrifying program of mystical jewish melodies and middle eastern grooves." - Tzadik

01. Ein Gedi
02. Yosefa
03. Atbash
04. Da’at
05. Cragow Niggun
06. Kavanah
07. Jacob and Esau
08. Jerusalem
09. Ur Ur Lauter Georg
10. Ar Aare

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The Adverts - 1978 - Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts

The Adverts
Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts
Release Date: 1978
Label: Bright

'77 Punk

"A devastating debut, one of the finest albums not only of the punk era, but of the 1970s as a whole, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts was the summation of a year's worth of gigging, honing a repertoire that — jagged, jarring, and frequently underplayed though it was — nevertheless bristled with hits, both commercial and cultural. "No Time to Be 21," "One Chord Wonders," and "Bored Teenagers" were already established among the most potent rallying cries of the entire new wave, catch phrases for a generation that had no time for anthems; "Bombsite Boy," "Safety in Numbers," and "Great British Mistake" offered salvation to the movement's disaffected hordes; and the whole thing was cut with such numbingly widescreen energy that, even with the volume down, it still shakes the foundations. The band's original vision saw a rerecording of "Gary Gilmore's Eyes," a Top 20 hit during summer 1977, included on the album — it was dropped (for space considerations) at the last minute. Several early '80s reissues of the album attempted to rectify the omission by appending the single version to side two of the LP, but it was 1983 before the rerecording itself made it out, as a minor U.K. hit single, and 1998 before Smith himself was finally able to restore Red Sea to its original glory, with "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" slotted in immediately before "Bombsite Boy," and another absentee, "New Day Dawning," following "Safety in Numbers." This revised CD release also wrapped up the remainder of the Adverts' 1977-era singles as additional bonus tracks; in 2002, the so-called "Ultimate Edition" of Red Sea appended a further six tracks, drawn from a riotous live show in early 1978, effectively doubling the original album's length." ~AMG


01 One Chord Wonders
02 Bored Teenagers
03 New Church
04 On the Roof
05 Newsboys
06 Bombsite Boy
07 No Time To Be 21
08 Safety In Numbers
09 Drowning Men
10 On Wheels
11 Great British Mistake
12 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
13 We Who Wait
14 New Day Dawning

Caribbean Jazz Project - 2004 - The Gathering

Caribbean Jazz Project
The Gathering
Release Date: June 2004
Label: Concord Jazz


"The Gathering is the Caribbean Jazz Project's third release; principals Dave Samuels and Dave Valentin are joined by Paquito D'Rivera, once a regular with the group, on the lively opener, "Rendezvous," as well as a Latin reworking of Monk's "Bemsha Swing." Oliver Nelson's classic "Stolen Moments" comes in for a moody 7/4 treatment. Pianist Dario Eskanazi, bassist Ruben Rodriguez, and percussionists Dafnis Prieto, Richie Flores, and Robert Quintero provide strong backing for the front-and-center solo exchanges of Samuels and Valentin. The band is consistently melodic and accessible, not just on romantic themes like "Libertad" and "The Path" but also on more adventurous fare like Prieto's "El Guarachero Intrigozo (The Scheming Party Animal)" and the big finish, "Masacoteando (In the Groove)." ~AMG

CJP: Dave Valentin (flute)
Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba)
Dario Eskenazi (piano)
Ruben Rodriguez (bass)
Dafnis Prieto (drums, timabales)
Roberto Quintero (congas, percussion)
Richie Flores (congas)
-Paquito D'Rivera (alto saxophone)

THE GATHERING won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album.


01 Rendezvous
02 Stolen Moments
03 See You In A Minute
04 The Gathering
05 Bemsha Swing
06 Liberated
07 El Guarachero Intrigozo (The Scheming Party Animal)
08 The Path
09 Masacoteando (In The Groove)

Converge - 2001 - Jane Doe

Jane Doe
Release Date: 2001
Label: Equal Vision

Aggressive Punk

"Eschewing any of the then current trends and refusing to rewrite past successes, Jane Doe was one of the darkest, bleakest, most unrelenting and punishing acts of musical emoting ever committed to disc. A 12-step conceptual journey of despair and loss, including a striking and beautifully disturbing 28-page booklet of accompanying art (courtesy of Bannon), Jane Doe took Converge's musical aggression, creativity and penchant for artistic nihilism-as-therapy to unparalleled emotional depths. While unmistakably Converge, Jane Doe's sound reached harsher and more emotionally draining levels of abuse, relenting on, but not entirely abandoning, technical precision to focus on emotional upheavals and an all-or-nothing buffeting.

In a live setting Converge are no less menacing. Having cut their teeth playing with anyone of importance during metallic hardcore's mid-'90s revival, Converge's live show is fraught with flailing equipment and bodies, with kids piled five-deep in a desperate attempt to close on the mic, all the while driven by Bannon and Converge's demonic exorcisms and emotional venting. Having risen over the years from opener to riot-inducing showstopper, Converge has headlined or played virtually every major hardcore/metal fest in North America, embarked upon countless U.S. tours, ventured to Europe, Asia, Japan and Canada." ~EVR

Personnel: Jacob Bannon - vox, all visual art
Kurt Ballou - guitar
Nate Newton - bass
Ben Koller - drums


01 Concubine
02 Fault and Fracture
03 Distance and Meaning
04 Hell To Pay
05 Homewrecker
06 The Broken Vow
07 Bitter and Then Some
08 Heaven In Her Arms
09 Phoenix In Flight
10 Phoenix In Flames
11 Thaw
12 Jane Doe

John F. Szwed - Space Is the Place: The Lives and Times of Sun Ra

"The book is well-written and does what it sets out to do - explain who Sun Ra was and what he was doing. This is no mean feat. Sun Ra was a man of many interests and beliefs, of whom many misconceptions exist. Even most of his fans (I've been listening to Ra's music for about 10 years now) will probably learn much and gain tremendous perspective on him from this book (I certainly did).
The book's story is one of a man with artistic genius within him, who probably could have been a millionaire and musical "star" - who chose to do other things instead. Here is the unusual story of what he did and why he did it.

There is room for another book in the world on Ra's discography, that traces the patterns, forms, and themes of his vast catalogue of recorded music. There is room in the world for a book that tells the stories of the members of Ra's Arkestra. But this is not those books, this is the first logical step in studies : an explanation of Sun Ra himself. It's a difficult job very well done." ~ Scott McFarland

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - 2007/2008 - Calibration (is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far)

If you use myspace, add Omars calibration page to your friends list :)

"Calibration (is Pushing Luck and Key Too Far) is the forthcoming debut rock/electronic fueled solo record from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. The CD, LP and digital download is set to be released on December 15, 2007 in Japan and in February-March 2008 in the US and UK & Europe through N20 Records an underground American indie label known for hard hitting drum and bass, J-pop, rockstar turntablism, metal jungle, west coast hip hop, reggae and dubstep.

The "Calibration" album found a home after Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete linked up Omar and longtime friend Nate "N8loc" Shimizu of N2O Records. "We both are into hard drum breaks, heavy electronic music and pressing records old school analog style, on all kinds of rare dope colored vinyl. Omar's concept of the 2 part album is an original artistic piece that fit perfectly into the sound we've been breaking. Look out for some all-star producers and artists on the 2 albums," says Shimizu.

To complete the original album, the cover art was created by renowned San Francisco graffiti artist GREY, a childhood friend of Rodriguez-Lopez. An exciting "luck and key pushing" follow-up album featuring remixes of songs from the album will be released later in 2008 featuring Omar's friends and artists from the N2O Records roster."

Calibration's All Star Personnel

* Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Mars Volta, At The Drive In, De Facto) – guitar, synthesizer
* Cedric Bixler-Zavala (Mars Volta, At The Drive In, De Facto) - vocals
* John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - vocals
* Juan Alderete (Mars Volta, Racer X, Big Sir, Vato Negro) – bass
* Money Mark (Beastie Boys) – keyboards, synthesizer
* Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta) - drums
* Tina Rodriguez - Voice
* Adrian Terrazas Gonzales - Woodwinds and percussion
* Kim Humphreys - Violin
* Marcel Rodriguez Lopez - Drums, synths, and percussion
* Sara Gross - Saxophone

"Special Omar Calibration Dubplates
We just wanted to announce we are going to release some super-collector special exclusive limited... maybe only 5 of these likkle analog dubplates (one-time cut record thanks to our special friends at with a special short N2O Records analog to analog direct to disc mini-mix edit of some of the songs from Calibration. We will have a cutting session before we leave to Tokyo 11/28/07 to promote the Calibration-celebration in Japan and have the dubs ready for you all to add to your complete-ist super-collection, get ready Calibrate on this one! More details to come."



For more information or press inquiries please contact N2O Records at 1.323.965.2234 Email: or Website:

Inspector Gadget

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Grails - 2004 - Redlight

"Grails' second full-length album seems to be influenced by one or more of its members moonlighting in Jackie-O Motherfucker, namely in its appropriation of dirge-like "traditionals" (or at least what sound like folk spirituals) and elaboration of them in a post-rock context. Or perhaps there's just something in the water in Portland, Oregon. Grails' modus operandi on Redlight is to start most tracks with barely there frameworks then slow-build to epiphanic climax and dissolve back into the red-earth clay from which each was spawned. The focal point of violin and guitar from Grails' first album is still intact, but the sound on Redlight is expanded with saxophone (which, when combined with turntable as it is on "Worksong," pulls a page straight from the Jackie-O songbook) and pedal steel, among other instruments. "The Volunteer" is the showcase here with its crawl toward the epic dynamics of a shimmering guitar and moaning sax crescendo. "High & Low" has a plucky junkyard shuffle reminiscent of mid-period Tom Waits, which drops away for a duet of poignant piano and soaring strings. The title track, "Redlight," breaks out of the mold somewhat with a dissonant deviation midway through just to keep things moving briskly, ending with a grandiose string section breakdown. "Fevers" is another standout with its decidedly non-rockist first half calling to mind more symphonic contemporaries such as Godspeed You Black Emperor! and eventual migration into a Ennio Morricone-inspired sense of being in motion, a vein often mined by outfits like Do Make Say Think. Redlight shows Grails shaking off the dust of their previously earthbound existence and taking flight, into the lofty heavens and beyond." ~ AMG

Grails performing Burning off Impurities live at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 5, 2007

The Mars Volta - 2007 - Wax Simulacra

Soft Machine Live at UFO in 1967

Soft Machine, UFO Club, London, 2nd June 1967. 'Poem for Hoppy' by Daevid Allen. Flim & Lightshow Projections: Mark Boyle & Joan Hills. P&C Boyle Family Archive.

GONG Live April 26th 1972

Muddy Waters featuring Otis Spann , 1968

Muddy Waters, guitar, vocals
Otis Spann, piano, vocals
James "Pee Wee" Madison, guitar
Paul Oscher, harmonica
Lawrence "Lil' Sonny" Wimberly, bass
Luther "Georgia Boy" Johnson, guitar
S.P. Leary, drums
Tivoli Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-27-68 Producer: Sten Bramsen
From the original 2" QUAD video reels.

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King Crimson - 1973 - Glasgow, UK Greens Playhouse


King Crimson - Glasgow,UK Greens Playhouse

CDR(trade,unkown lineage)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)

A very rare show from early 1973,I think the second show after
Jamie Muir left the band.The Quality is not the best,but
you find a find a very,very rare version of "Falling Angel"
as a an Improv.Tracks 3,4,5 & 6,7,8,9 are played as one
track without a break.but I set trackmarks for the various songs.
So the first block of songs is 20:52 min.and the second
block is 21:26 min.For quality please listen to MP 3
samples before you download it.
upped by booomboom 21.11.2007 at Dime

Robert Fripp: Guitar and Mellotron
David Cross: Violin, Viola and Mellotron
John Wetton: Bass and Lead Vocals
Bill Bruford: Drums

Setlist :

01. Doctor Diamond 05:05
02. Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part I 10:29
03. Easy Money 10:40
04. Falling Angel Improvisation 06:34
05. Exile (fades out) 03:26
06. Book of Saturday 02:25
07. Improvisation II 07:23
08. The Talking Drum 04:56
09. Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part II 06:26
10. 21st Century Schizoid Man 07:38

De Facto ft. Frusciante - 2000 - Cordova (live)

Mos Def - Umi Says

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Ghosts & Vodka - 2003 - Addicts and Drunks

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Ghosts & Vodka
Addicts and Drunks
Release Date: 2003
Label: SixGunLover Man.


"Being in prison gives a guy plenty of time to think about shit, especially if you're a deaf mute. Rudy Bump, inmate #123456, was happily crapping in his jail cell toilet when the thought hit him that he wanted to sing for a rock n roll band. 'I will call it, Ghosts and Vodka,' thought Rudy, 'and it will turn the music community inside out, much like a T-shirt with the tag showing!' The fact that Rudy Bump was a deaf mute did not impede his rock and roll dream, and so, after spending 2.3 years in jail for stealing some things that were not his, Rudy was released and immediately formed Ghosts and Vodka with the help of four men named Erik, Sam, Scott, and Vic. Having been in such bands as Cap'n Jazz, Tetsuo, and Joan of Arc, these four men had enough musical instruments laying around to make some out of sight rock and roll tunes for all the children of the world to enjoy. Rudy Bump sang along in his head to what he imagined the songs sounded like, and just like that, his dream was realized! Moral of story - Follow your dreams even if they make no sense." ~joanfrc ---But seriously, Vic and Sam are magical guitarists, check these sounds OUT!
Personnel: Sam Zurick - Guitars
Victor Villareal - guitar
Erik Bocek - bass
Scott Shellhamer - drums


01 Andrea Loves Horses
02 It's All About Right Then
03 Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
04 Laser Guided By God
05 Futuristic Genitalia
06 Sex Is Popular
07 Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below
08 Is That A Person?
09 Four Red Brains
10 Conversational All-Stars
11 Mechanical Bull Rider
12 Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs
13 Cowboys And Sailors?
14 Doo Dee Doo Dee Do
15 Stoli On The Rocks
16 Bizarre Funeral

Make Believe - 2006 - Of Course

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Make Believe
Of Course
Release Date: Oct 2006
Label: Flameshovel


"Make Believe — the unholy union of Joan of Arc's guitarist Sam Zurick and vocalist Tim Kinsella, with his cousin Nate on drums and Wurlitzer and bassist Bobby Burg — spit up their second full-length on Flameshovel. Apparently Nate Kinsella spent a couple of months in jail in Oklahoma for "outraging public decency" after taking off his shorts on-stage and ringing them out over the crowd at a Christian youth venue. Thankfully, it was only a misdemeanor and he only had to pay a grand and do the time. Anyway, the record was recorded after that frustrating experience, and as such it's a very different outing from either their self-titled EP or last year's Shock of Being (which was released on the same date — October 3 — a year prior). While the previous album featured a more straight-ahead hard rocking sound, Of Course is more angular, quirky, and just plain weird. That said, it's exciting, full of unexpected twists and turns where steely guitar riffs give way to spaces, rough edges and time shifts. It isn't prog or anything — it's about as far as you could get from that, actually, it's the opposite — it's primitive. But make no mistake, the wildly experimental direction here is done with rather conventional instrumentation and these tunes are crafted as songs and do come off that way, even the rather petulant instrumentals such as the brief and beautiful "Coup d'Thought." Other tracks meander just a bit before biting hard, like "Bisect Duality," or come out of the gate swaggering, like "A Song About Camping," only to be turned inside out on the next cut, "Another Song About Camping." This is music that is instantly compelling, utterly irritating, and beguilingly addictive." ~AMG

01 A Song About Camping
02 Another Song About Camping
03 Political Mysticism
04 Florida/Oklahoma 12/05
05 Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till
06 Coup d'Thought
07 Bisect Duality
08 Plants Dance
09 Sometimes I See Sideways
10 Anything/Selling That Thing

American Football - 1999 - S/T

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American Football
Release Date: Sep 1999
Label: Polyvinyl
Hometown: Chicago

"American Football's first album showcases cleanly picked guitars, intricate drumming, and sincere vocals. The band, made up of Mike Kinsella (Owen, Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc), Steve Holmes and Steve Lamos rooted itself in Champaign, IL and recorded this album at local studio, Private, with Brendan Gamble (Braid, Moon Seven Times). Despite little touring and with only an EP behind them, these nine songs showcased the trio's uncanny songwriting abilities. The album's photos and layout mark the first Polyvinyl design done by Chris Strong, but Kinsella's main strength seems to be in drifting, floating waves of melody, and American Football makes good on this in a pretty impressive way." ~Polyvinyl


01 Never Meant
02 The Summer Ends
03 Honestly?
04 For Sure
05 You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon
06 But the Regrets Are Killing Me
07 I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional
08 Stay Home
09 The One With The Wurlitzer

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Daedalus - 2005 - Exquisite Corpse

01 Dearly Departed
02 Impending Doom
03 Just Briefly
04 Move On (with SCI)
05 Now and Sleep (starring Laura Darling)
06 The Crippled Hand
07 Welcome Home (Prefuse 73 Danse Macabre)
08 Drops (Cyne collaboration)
09 Fallen Love
10 Welcome Home (with Mike Ladd)
11 i Sent Off ii Sus Percoll (Jogger Remix)
12 The Trains Are Now So Clean
13 Thanatopsis (featuring Hrishikesh Hirway)
14 Cadavre Exquis (avec TTC)

Daedelus, the eccentric, electronic maestro of the Pacific coast returns with "Exquisite Corpse" his most complete and baffling record to date. One of LA's most daring new artists this young musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and avant-electronics. Daedelus chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike arrangements from the 30's and 40's, he has refined a style that has no imitators. Exactly the kind of music you’d expect from a scarily well-connected hip hop nut who happens to dress in Edwardian clothing and names himself after an Ancient Greek Legend.

The album title, as well as the idea, is taken from the old Surrealist game in which a group of random French crazies and intellectuals write down part of a sentence, fold the page and pass it on to the next - 'Consequences' without the consequences. Or if that doesn't make sense, how about this? "A kind of collective collage of words or images" ("Dada & Surrealist Art" by William S.Rubin).

And there's definitely a collective at work here, Daedelus' trademark musicality running up against a slather of maverick talent from the worlds of hip hop and beyond. The performances range from traditional (MF Doom, Sci from Scienz of Life) to poetic (Mike Ladd, CYNE, Laura Darling) to experimental (Prefuse 73, Hrishikesh Hirway of The One AM Radio, TTC, Jogger), but Daedelus moulds the seemingly disparate elements of sound with a single-minded vision.

With a body of work including releases through Mush, Plug Research, Hefty, Tigerbeat6, and Eastern Developments, Daedelus' rep is long since established. At last he has given us the record about which journalists can use the word "surreal" without being lazy. And for this alone we must all be thankful.
-Ninja Tunes

The Clash - 1980 - Sandinista!

The Clash
Release Date: Dec 1980
Label: Epic
Time: 144:28

"SANDINISTA! was The Clash's affirmation of their support for the Nicaraguan revolution, the movement that overthrew President Somoza and aroused the ire of U.S. President Reagan. The music was a more conscious exploration of reggae and dub music than the Clash had ever attempted. The group fought their record company to keep the 3-LP set affordable to their fans, accepting lower royalty rates so the price would be as low as a single LP." ~liner nts.


01 Magnificent Seven, The
02 Hitsville U.K.
03 Junco Partner
04 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
05 Leader, The
06 Something About England
07 Rebel Waltz
08 Look Here
09 Crooked Beat, The
10 Somebody Got Murdered
11 One More Time
12 One More Dub
13 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)
14 Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)
15 Corner Soul
16 Let's Go Crazy
17 If Music Could Talk
18 Sound Of the Sinners, The

01 Police On My Back
02 Midnight Log
03 Equaliser, The
04 Call Up, The
05 Washington Bullets
06 Broadway
07 Lose This Skin
08 Charlie Don't Surf
09 Mensforth Hill
10 Junkie Slip
11 Kingston Advice
12 Street Parade, The
13 Version City
14 Living In Fame
15 Silicone On Sapphire
16 Version Pardner
17 Career Opportunities
18 Shepherds Delight

The Mercury Program - 2001 - All the Suits Began To Fall Off

The Mercury Program
All the Suits Began to Fall Off
Release Date: Apr 2001
Label: Tiger Style

Experimental Chill

"Since the addition of Whit Travisano as the full time 4th member in early 2000, and with several months of national touring under their belt, the Mercury Program are now fully realized as a quartet. The songs on this EP reflect the band's comfort as a 4 piece, and are musically more textured than the works on previous releases. Tom Reno's guitars are loopy and sprawling while Sander Travisano's bass lines ground the band somewhere in the country between rock, blues and jazz. Vibes and keys take a prominent role and there is the first time addition of cello into a Mercury Program song. Unlike the previous recordings, this EP doesn't include any of the sparse bits of vocals, instead these 5 songs are completely instrumental. Whiles some songs pass the 8 minute mark, there is never a dull moment and the vocals are never missed" ~Insound


01 The Secret to Quiet
02 There Are Thousands Sleeping in Peace
03 Marianas
04 Undiscovered Genius of the Mississippi Delta
05 Delicate Answer

Karate - 2000 - Unsolved

Recording Date: Apr 2000
Release Date: Oct 2000
Label: Southern


"With a mixture of jazz-influenced fluidity and nearby noodling, Karate's fourth album delivers dramatic stop/start rock that ebbs and flows and is sparked, at its best moments, by lost narratives and cutting guitar work. Occasionally it is only the crisp, billowy, unsteady patterns of drummer Gavin McCarthy that remind you that this is not a pop-fusion effort from the late '70s. The unsettling moments and the ever-present tension that make a band like June Of '44 take on the same territory more successfully are replaced by an over-reliance on technical proficiency and shifting time signatures.

Certainly there is some great interplay between the bassist and drummer, resulting in some truly solid rhythms and a pervading sense of anger pops up on "Sever" that attempts to pull the listener in. Throughout the record, Geoff Farina's lyrical asides manage to balance out the pretentious with the tossed-off. Although this release never finds the trio hitting the emotional heights they achieved on their first two albums, Karate and In Place Of Real Insight — they've managed to expand the breadth of their sound as well as help set the bar a bit higher for musical proficiency in the realm of indie rock." ~AMG


01 Small Fries
02 The Lived-But-Yet-Named
03 Sever
04 The Roots and the Ruins
05 Number Six
06 One Less Blues
07 The Halo of the Strange
08 The Angels Just Have to Show
09 This Day Next Year

Shaking the Blues Benifit - 2007 - Artists for a New South Africa


Artists for a New South Africa
Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, November 15, 2007


SOURCE: Schoeps MK4 > actives > NBox > Edirol R-09 @ 24bit/48kHz
LOCATION: Dead Center in the Loge
TRANSFER: Edirol R-09 > Sound Forge 8.0 > CD Wave
LINEAGE: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 6)
RECORDED BY: "Josephine"

Get ready for some FUNky-Ass Blues. This was a fantastic, fantastic show.
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CORY CHISEL - vocals & guitar
Adriel Harris - keyboards

Bilal - vocals
Damon Bryson - sousaphone
"Captain Kirk" Douglas - guitar
Robert Glasper - keyboards
James Poyser - keyboards
Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson - drums

KEB' MO' - vocals & guitar

Erykah Badu - vocals #
Doyle Bramhall II - guitar & vocals ^
Alex Budman - saxophone
Nikka Costa - vocals *
Mike Elizondo - bass & vocals
Susannah Melvoin - vocals
Wendy Melvoin - guitar & vocals
Ephraim Owens - trumpet
James Poyser - keyboards & vocals
Ahmir "Questlove Thompson - drums & vocals

Taj Mahal - vocals & guitar
Bill Rich - bass
Kester Smith - drums


01. A Change is Going to Come

02. My Girl is Red Hot
03. Masters of War
04. Since I've Been Lovin' You
05. Everything In Its Right Place
06. Sometimes

07. France
08. Tell Everybody I Know
09. Change


01. introduction
02. Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter *
03. *
04. Evil *
05. Rosie ^
06. Green Eyes #
07. On & On #
08. Annie Don't Wear No Panties #
09. #

10. introduction
11. Blues On You
13. Checkin' Up On My Baby
14. Zanzibar
15. Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes

EVERYBODY (Even Jackson Browne)
16. thank you
17. Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

~ Dedicated to my son Jack ~