Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Yamasuki Singers - 2005 - Le Monde Fabuleux de Yamasuki

Japanophiles take note quickly - the land of the rising sun has been pilfered once again to create this utterly befuddling oddity of an album. Crafted by French mentalists Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger, 'Le Monde Fabuleux De Yamasuki' is a Japanese themed concept album and cuts deeper than a Hattori Hanzo Samurai sword. This is some kind of proto-hiphop breaks music but strangely enough it was coughed out of France in 1971? I don't know what kind of vitamins these guys were popping but they were way out, and even now the psychedelic breaks heavy Franco-Japanese pop sounds utterly on its own in an overcrowded music scene. As usual with Finders Keepers, the original record is rare as hen's teeth and the gang has managed to rope Jean Kluger himself in to remaster the original recordings, so 'Le Monde Fabuleux De Yamasuki' has truly never sounded better. I guess this will instantly appeal to the crate-digging beat freaks among you with its seemingly endless break supply, but it's also a twelve track collection of utterly skewed fuzzed out pop music, with a similarly outré appeal as the wonderful Selda album that appeared a few weeks back. What can I say - we love Finders Keepers and this obscurest gem is yet another killer part of their ever growing catalogue. Heavy! - Bookmat