Saturday, December 8, 2007

Various Artists - 2005 - Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word

Funky 70s prog rock -- and an amazing collection put together by the same folks who gave us Welsh Rare Beat and Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word! The world of 70s European rock has given us some key funky kernels over the years, but we'll be the first to admit that the long-haired, rock-based, album-only, non-English, import-only genre has been pretty tough to dip into from our side of the Atlantic -- which is why we're extra-thankful to have a hip set like this, which sorts through the dross and brings up only the best bits! If your only thoughts of progressive rock tend towards ELP and other 70s supergroups, think again -- because the tracks here are lean, mean, funky, and often have a distinct jazz undercurrent in some part of the instrumentation -- a style that crossed over strongly to the fusion world of the European underground of the 70s, as you'll hear on many of these electric and fusion-inspired tunes! As with other Finders Keepers titles, there's a deeper-than-deep approach here -- one that goes past even the obvious numbers that mainstream listeners from the time will remember -- and just to show that their selection's not accidental, the label's also includes great notes on each band in the set! Titles include "Fugue In D Minor" by Egg, "Coda" by Czerwone Gitary, "Omur Biter Yol Bimez" by 3 Urel, "Toledo" by Martin Kratochvil & Jazz Q, "Breudowyd" by Bran, "Lambaya Puf De" by Baris Manco, "Visitors" by Visitors, and "Merta" by Picchio Dal Pozzo. - Dusty Groove