Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Portishead - 2007 - All Tomorrow's Parties


All Tomorrow's Parties
Centre Stage
Minehead, UK

Set List:

01) Wicca
02) Hunter
03) Mysterons
04) Mystic
05) Glory Box
06) Numb
07) wandering Star
08) Machine Gun
09) Over
10) Sour times
11) Only You
12) Cowboys
13) Roads
14) Peaches

Source: Schoeps CCM4->MV-100(Mod'd with Thatcorp 1510s)->R-09(48K, 24bit)
Mastering: Q1, L2

Size: 417MB


Second Night of Portishead performing at All Tomorrow's Parties.

This is the better recording, better audience, and in my opinion, the better performance. Both shows had identical set lists. Five new songs were performed (Wicca, Hunter, Mystic, Machine Gun, and Peaches), most having a much stronger rythmic feel than most of their past work. Andy played drums or percussion on all the new songs - none included any turntable.

The performance was absolutely flawless and this is as close to a perfect unauthorized audience recording as I have ever made - in 10 years of rolling shows. Absolutely everything came together - including lots of luck.

New song titles are from a set-list that was thrown into the audience by one of the stage-hands after the show. No set-lists were given out after the first show, but I have confirmed the set-lists are the same.

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Machine Gun