Friday, December 21, 2007

Mr. Oizo - 2000 - Analog Worms Attack

Mr. Oizo
Analog Worms Attack
Release Date: Feb 22 2000
Label: Mute

Experimental IDM

"The album debut for Quentin Dupieux may not have received worldwide distribution had it not been for its most publicized track, the notorious Levi's advert and crossover hit named "Flat Beat." But it's doubtful Dupieux will turn into a one-hit wonder — and if he does, there's always his directing career — since Analog Worms Attack is an inventive album that somehow marries the experimental side of techno (Cristian Vogel, Laurent Garnier) with the outrageous flair of novelty tracks usually seen on, well, television commercials. Even including "Flat Beat" (which was wisely added only as a bonus track), the highlights are "Monophonic Shit" and "No Day Massacre," two tracks that blend surprisingly deep grooves and oddball effects. It's not so much a sense of humor that Dupieux displays here; it's closer to the playful side of quasi-pop electronica fashioned by Mouse on Mars and Like a Tim. Fans of the trademarked "Flat Beat" sound will find much to love as well ("Smoking Tape" and "Flat 55" are most similar to the hit), making Analog Worms Attack a left-field treat for both pop-culture seekers and genuine music fans." ~AMG


01 Bad Start
02 Monophonic Shit
03 No Day Massacre
04 Smoking Tape
05 Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog
06 The Salad
07 Bobby Can't Dance
08 Analog Worms Attack
09 One Minute Shakin
10 Inside the Kidney Machine
11 Miaaaw
12 Flat 55
13 Feadz On
14 Analog Wormz Sequet
15 Flat Beat [* bonus track]