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Led Zeppelin - 2007 - O2 Arena, London, England


Led Zeppelin
O2 Arena, London, England
December 10, 2007


I actually thought of this before the upload but forgot in the hurry. Thanks to the person who suggested it in the comments.

Slowburn master torrent #001

DPA 4061 -> Microtracker 24/48, downsampled to 16/44 for CD use

Recorded from section 407, row J

This is not the best recording I have ever made. Not even close. Section 407 is all the way up in line with the ending of the floor. Fortunately I managed to move down from the second to last row which was considerably higher up than row J

Since this show is what it is I assume most can live without perfection for awhile. I'm sure better sources will turn up but this is listenable and will give you a great feel for the show.

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Good Times Bad Times
d1t03 Ramble On
d1t04 Black Dog
d1t05 In My Time Of Dying
d1t06 For Your Life
d1t07 Trampled Under Foot
d1t08 Nobody's Fault But Mine
d1t09 No Quarter
d2t01 Since I've Been Loving You
d2t02 Dazed And Confused
d2t03 Stairway To Heaven
d2t04 The Song Remains The Same
d2t05 Misty Mountain Hop
d2t06 Kashmir
d2t07 crowd
d2t08 Whole Lotta Love
d2t09 crowd
d2t10 Rock And Roll

I left the crowd in there to give the full experience.

There is a small problem about a minute into the first song. Not sure what happened. It's on the master.

I have downsampled and converted using adobe audition 1.5. No other changes have been made to the master. Please do not upload any remasters of this recording. Thank you.

Enjoy, it was a fantastic show and a fantastic experience being there. Hope you can all at least experience a part of that.

Finally, since this is my first torrent of any kind please be patient if anything goes wrong.

Dedicated to butterking for never giving up on me despite having to listen to several years worth of reasons not to do this.


Since I put this up late last night after a couple of frustrating hours trying to get everything to work there was a few things I missed commenting on. I would also like to adress a few questions raised in the comments to this torrent.

1. Security was lax to say the least. They checked tickets and wristbands and felt through outer pockets but nothing serious. No metaldetectors. Funniest thing all night was a x-ray (airport luggage model) machine standing in the middle of the floor where you picked up your tickets. They made som people put their bags through while there was a 100 feet or more free passage around it where 99% just walked through.

2. There were a few empty seats here and there. Most were probably just people walking around or going to the bathroom but a few were empty all night. That's how we managed to move down about 15 rows from the second to last row under the ceiling.

3. I normally boycott these big shows so I don't know how common it is with big screens in this quality. From where we were sitting it made a huge difference to the show. It was also a well used screen. Obviously different themes and old footage had been selected in advance and it was well executed. The screen was as wide as a European hockey rink plus a few meters. Very big.

4. The opening acts all used Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings as house band. This meant they were all done in about 70 minutes. While that was about 60 min to long for most it was still brief enough for most to live thru.

5. There was not a single t-shirt available after the show. Most were gone before the show. The huge merchandise booth lookied funny with the walls almost empty. Obviously they had sold the shirts pinned to the wall as ads. This must have been the biggest grossing merchandise per visitor ever.

6. I got my ticket through the lottery but not until about 10 days before the show. Was probably among the last that got in.

7. I obviously put alot of thought into taping or not taping. I guess I just figured that with all the attention given to the ticket situation they would have had little time to deal with extra security. I was right about that. My rig is very stealthy as well so it wasn't that hard. I've never been caught in hundreds of taping situations so it would have been bad luck if it had happened this time though.

8. As for the no remasters request. Partly because I think it would be a vaste of time since there must be better version to come. Secondly I will make one myself if nothing else turns up in the next week or so.

9. I should have asked for a 24 hour grace period for Dime. Not that one can do much about it and I'm sure that it's all over the web by now. Please feel free to post this anywhere you want. Please include the taping info. If you post it or see it posted on other sites please let me know where and how many downloads it gets in a pm.

10. I would like to give props again to butterking and the JEMS HQ. Also to calrust for coming up with my nick. I think his suggestion was slowtrade. Have no idea why :-) Finally, although I don't know him personally a special thanks to persic for all the fantastic torrents the last couple of years.


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