Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just Ice - 1986 - Back To The Old School

Known (justifiably) as THE place to witness the incredible meeting of the producer and edit engineer aka Kurtis Mantronik and Chep Nunez. Is there anybody left on earth who's not fallen slackjawed upon hearing 'Cold Getting' Dumb' (here also in the hella rare remix version 'Cold Getting Dumb II' - maybe first ever time on CD) - words do no justice :) to these two tracks, a massive influence to plenty of our new school heroes like Autechre and even DJ Shadow, especially both in their earlier adventures in sound. Then there's the ill freestyle title track, uptempo weird electrobreakbeats, hyper rhythmic scratches "crew of the year 1986" - shit don’t get no heavier, tha' boom. Keeping the essentialism in place you have 'Turbo Charged' - utter sick, sparse 808 boom, cowbells, echoic classic with an amazing Just-Ice rap. The classic 12" track 'Put That Record Back On' is another highlight. When Mantronik and Nunez lay it off then it's a defining album in the rapper vs beatbox era and a dawning of the hardcore lyrics in hip hop vibe (make sure your mom's not about when you play 'That Girl Is A Slut'). While you are it search down 'Kool & Deadly' as well, Just's classic hookup with KRS-One. 'Back To The Old School' is a true underrated classic. Essential. - Via Bookmat