Sunday, December 9, 2007

Johnny & The Hurricanes - 1960 - Stormsville

"During the late fifties Johnny Paris started one of the most succesfull instrumental groups ever. Early members included Dave Yorko (guitar), Paul Tesluk (hammond organ), Butch Mattice (bass) and Tony Kaye (drums), soon to be replaced by former Royaltones drummer, Bill Savich. Over a couple of years several superb instrumentals were recorded, often rocked up versions of well known songs. "Red River Rock" was a world-wide millionseller in 1959, and the same formula paid off for for their subsequent singles on the Warwick and Big Top labels. Many of them turned out to be great two-siders. Three albums were released and their popularity in Europe was striking, especially in countries like Sweden, France, Germany and Great Britain. Around 1963, the invasion of UK artists in 1963 prevented more success for Johnny and the Hurricanes. The orginal members of the group had left, and Johnny had to build a new line-up: Billy Marsh (guitar), Edward Wagenfeald (hammond organ), Robert Ignatouski (bass) and Jimmy Paris (drums). The move to a new label, Mala, did not help. The booklet within the Atila CD tells us, that in 1995 Johnny and the Hurricanes were still touring and doing their gigs! Fortunately their unique sound has been preserved on many vinyl records and in recent years several great CD's have become available." ~


Reveille Rock
Milk Shake
Rocking "T"
The Hungry Eye
Hot Fudge
Time Bomb
Corn Bread
The Hep Canary