Monday, December 3, 2007

Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo - 1989 - Molde International Jazz Festival Molde Norway

If you have heard the live and studio mixed double lp Live/Evil from Miles Davis, check out this amazing musician Hermeto Pascoal, he is known as the Brazilian Sun Ra!


Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo
Molde International Jazz Festival
Molde, Norway

Lineage: CD > WAV > FLAC

Source: Sounds like a good audience recording

CD 1
01 Bandas e Bandeiras
02 Forró da Gota
03 Como Era Bom (Maxixe)
04 Ilza Nova
05 Percussions/Vitor Assis Brasil/Para Gil Evans

01 Vale da Ribeira
02 Poré-Poré
03 Piano Solo/Malacungue/Round Midnight/Autumn Leaves
04 Nows the Time (Charlie Parker)

Total running time: 2h:18m:31s

Hermeto Pascoal Piano, Keyboards, Winds, and assorted instruments
Carlos Malta Reeds,Flutes
Jovino Santos Piano, Flutes
Fábio Pascoal Percussion
Pernambuco Percussion
Marcio Bahia Drums

Seeded on Dime by Bigfootpezão 12/03/2007. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this tape made and shared!

This recording captures the dynamics of the legendary Hermeto Pascoal o Grupo line-up in an astounding performance. The bulk of this particular combo lived almost together during more than a full decade, playing practically 356 days a year. The results speak for themselves. Drummer Marcio Bahia speaks:

"O Grupo rehearsed Monday through Friday, from 2 pm until 8 pm. Everyday, except Saturdays and Sundays. O Grupo worked like this for 12 years. We only took a break December 24–25 and the 31st through New Year’s Day. From December 26 until the 30th we rehearsed and we started again on January 2nd. But everyone wanted to do this, and we did it with love. . . . Every morning, each of us would study our instruments separately, and then in the afternoon there was a collective rehearsal with the whole group. . . . The rehearsals were a very intense education. I would arrive at home at night and go right to sleep. In the beginning I was exhausted at the end of every rehearsal, but after [a while] you got used to it. It was great."

Caution, this one is red hot! Samples available.

Opening Segment

Poré-Poré, aka Renam

Ilza Nova, Zapponic theme