Friday, December 21, 2007


"Flash to the coastal town of Goleta, California, center of all beachfront intrigue for the undergrads at UC Santa Barbara, circa 1994. Five local anti-beach boys lock themselves in a garage with a bunch of instruments, which they use to make strange noises. When they come out they are called iG-88, and they are playing a discordant, experimental brand of hardcore punk that, you can be sure, was unlike anything that had ever hit Goleta before. After recording a five-song demo, The Revolt of the Faceless Humanoids, the band learned of the existence of another iG-88 and became EX-iGNOTA.

After releasing a seven-inch (Lazurus is back to report...sunny skies in heaven), and touring extensively, EX-iGNOTA went home to Goleta to record the songs for their debut full-length, Jammin' on the One. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a posthumous release, as the band broke up before the album came out. Jammin' on the One is a versatile, complex hardcore symphony, full of measured, brooding guitars that set the stage before giving way to volcanic bursts of lyrical energy that inevitably exhaust themselves, leaving behind layers of damaged, busy guitar squiggle. You can hear a number of influences buried in EX-iGNOTA's expansive and diverse sound: Sonic Youth's alternately tuned walls of guitar, Slint's angular, atmospheric guitar interludes, Fugazi's hardcore rage, Clikatat Ikatowi's twisted, furious poetry. It all comes together as something bigger than the sum of EX-iGNOTA's parts. From bang and clatter to shriek and scream to somber reflection, EX-iGNOTA's musical vocabulary covers an incredible range of emotions." ~ Epitonic