Monday, December 10, 2007

The Eternals - 2007 - Heavy International

The Eternals
Heavy International
Release Date: Feb 2007
Label: Aesthetics


"I’d love to tell you something - anything - about the lyrical content of Heavy International (Aesthetics), but I can’t stop moving to the damn thing. Seriously. I put it on, and I have to dance like a monkey in the living room, or shadowbox, or jump rope.

My suspicion is that the lyrics are only there to allow the vocalists (Damon Locks, for the most part - though we get a generous smattering of backing vocalists throughout the CD) to make a little noise. I’m inclined to call this party music, but it probably depends on how aggro the people you party with are willing to get.

Stuttering dub beats and rubbery, funky bass wiggle and dodge their way into the muscles, tickling them into action. If you haven’t gathered by now, this is BODY music.

Lest you think I’m dismissing The Eternals as a one-trick party band, let me be clear- Locks (vocals/synth), Wayne Montana (bass), and Tim Mulvenna (drums) are accomplished musicians, and the music they make pushes the boundaries of body music to new heights. Heavy International may be too busy, too bizarre, and too mobile to let the words and ideas breathe, but I’d just as soon get my heady insight through sweaty delight." ~Alarm


01 The Mix Is So Bizarre
02 Astra 3B
03 Patch of Blue
04 Beware the Swordbat
05 Remove Ya
06 Feed the Youth (Stage a Coup)
07 Heavy International
08 Crime
09 The Origin of the Heatray
10 Too Many People (Do the Wrong Thing)
11 It Is Later Than You Think, Pts. 1 & 2
12 Scorpion
13 M.O.A.B.