Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dr. John Bonnarroo Revue - 1974 - Aragon Ballroom Dallas Texas


Dr. John Bonnarroo Revue - Aragon Ballroom - Dallas Tx. April 11 1974

Dr. John - piano/vox
Alvin Robinson - guitar
Robert Lee Popwell - bass
James Booker 3rd - organ
James Black - drums

KZEW FM broadcast

01. dj intro and banter 7:47
02. saints go marching jam 3:58
03. iko iko 4:17
04. life 4:08
05. cold cold cold 3:22
06. quitters never win 4:05
07. > let the good times roll 1:48
08. loop garoo 4:17
09. goodnight Irene 4:19
10. qualified 6:07
11. mos scocious 4:12
12. (everybody wanna get rich) rite away 3:40
13. right place wrong time 3:19

Lineage. tape in trade>sony hx pro/audio source eq one>philips cdr 775>EAC>FLAC8>DIME

On the heels of an amazing response to my last Dr. post , here's yet another FM gem. The quality is not as good as the other , with a slight hiss , but it doesn't detract from the overall ENERGY of the performance!!!!! I left in the D.J banter at the beginning , not only for a brief history of the venue , (yes this is DALLAS , not CHICAGO Aragon! Apparantly this was the second show ever at the venue) , but for the sheer comedy of the announcer! The dialogue is priceless. I also listed this as " Funk" because on the whole thats what it is , with a bass line/organ interplay that occasionally is OFF THE CHARTS!!! Who is this Popwell ? This was recorded live from the booth on site , and the sound get's progressively better about 1/4 through. I love this show , hope y'all feel it too...

show number sixtyfive from the zombicrypt.selah!