Monday, December 17, 2007

Cadillac Jones - 2005 - The Big Takedown

Cadillac Jones - The Big Takedown

From Home Grown Music:

Cadillac Jones rolled onto the Atlanta music scene in 1999 and began drop-shifting heavy funk grooves across the city. From East Atlanta's Village Lounge, to Smith's Olde bar, to the Star bar, to Lenny's, to the Clairmont Lounge last Halloween, to the International Artists Guild and all the way up to the Stella Blue Theatre in Ashville, NC, Cadillac Jones has slammed into every gig with exceptionally powerful, hip shaking beats.

Track List

1.Intro 0:25
2.Narq 5:24
3.Hottub 5:29
4.Tarzan 4:54
5.14th Street Hustle 4:54
6.Speakeasy 2:12
7.East Coast Eddie 6:07
8.Blackbyrds' Theme 3:56
9.The Mac 7:52
10.Casin' The Joint 5:14
11.Ike's Regret 0:47
12.Barbados 5:48
13.Power 5:14
14.Return of the Narq 2:57