Monday, December 24, 2007

The Bad Plus - 2003 - These Are the Vistas

The Bad Plus
These Are the Vistas
Recording Date: Sep-Oct 2002
Release Date: Feb 2003
Label: Columbia


"Whether or not pianist Ethan Iverson is literally using it, all of the Bad Plus' These Are The Vistas sounds as if it was recorded with the sustain pedal of the piano depressed. It's actually probably mostly the fault of producer Tchad Blake (Soul Coughing, Cibo Matto, Los Lobos), who applies his incredible treatments throughout the album, shining through especially in his work on David King's chaotic drums. Nonetheless, the Bad Plus sound as if they are in a cavernous space. The band rolls out the now-requisite jazz covers of pop tunes (in this case, Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Blondie's "Heart of Glass," and Aphex Twin's "Flim"), but it is their attitude (the very fact that they hired Blake to begin with, for example) that carries them the distance. The band itself is quite compelling. Iverson is a complex piano player. His skills come to bear on the abstract epic "Silence Is The Question," which closes the album, as his spidery piano lines melt into chaotic statements, left hand meeting subtly with bassist Reid Anderson, right hand meeting crazily with King. What is impressive is that the trio manages to sound contemporary using only piano, bass, and drums, and without resorting to electronic gimmicks. Whether or not the band is reinventing jazz is irrelevant. These Are The Vistas is good, interesting music." ~AMG


01 Big Eater
02 Keep the Bugs Off Your Glass and the Bears Off Your Ass
03 Smells Like Teen Spirit
04 Everywhere You Turn
05 1972 Bronze Medalist
06 Guilty
07 Boo-Wah
08 Flim
09 Heart of Glass
10 Silence Is the Question