Monday, December 24, 2007

Andy Votel - 2005 - Songs Of Insolence

Mind bending selection of twenty obscure fuzzed-out-psychadelic-
funk rarities taken from Andy Votels “Music To Watch Girls Cry” and “Songs In The Key of death” fat city mix tapes.
The album features 18 tracks in their entirerity that were included on Andys two mix CD’s for fat city. The tracks featured are all things obscure form the worlds of psyche, funk, jazz, soul and exotica including productions from half way around the world including Hungary, Japan, U.S, U.K, German, Czechoslovakia and Poland.
Most noteable artists are Badly Drawn Boy with a track from his now uber collectable first 7 inch on Twisted Nerve. The film score maestro John Barry with a super rare Japanese only release. Billy Childish’s The Headcoatees cover of the Northern classic “Have Love Will Travel”.
Also featured are a handful of exotic cover versions including a wonderous experimantal electronica extranganza of the Beatles classic “Hey Jude”, Otis Reddings “Sitting On the Dock Of The Bay" done Japanese karaoke style backed a hard snap snare, and Gershwins “Rhapsody In Blue” mooged- out Hungarian prog rockers. - Fat City Records