Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Various Artists - 2002 - Pachuco Boogie

An awesome collection of swinging, jazz-tinged California Chicano R&B from the height of the postwar "pachuco" scene. Most folks know this as a the music of the "zoot suiters" -- the latino hipsters who pioneered Mexican-American popular culture during the late '40s, and whose outlandish inhibitions met with a white backlash that became known as the "zoot suit riots." It's all fun and games as far as the music was concerned, though -- and this disc is a delight from start to finish. It all began in 1948 with the title track, "Pachuco Boogie," which was recorded as a goof by Don Tosti, a veteran big band bassist whose roots were in the barrio. The song features a super-catchy riff and a slang-filled rap in the barrio lingo known as "calo," a forerunner of contemporary Spanglish. The song was runaway hit in the Southwest, touching off a fad that lasted a couple of years. This collection has some of the best, and rarest, of the pachuco jazz singles. Although the most famous track, Lalo Guererro's crosscultural stoner classic, "Marijuana Boogie," a couple of other Guererro tracks do make the grade, along with a ton of Don Tosti's follow-up singles. This disc is a real find -- chaotic and fun, great music saved from oscurity and lovingly curated by our pals at Arhoolie. --


1. Pachuco Boogie - Cuarteto Don Ramon Sr.
2. Guisa Gacha - Cuarteto Don Ramon Sr.
3. Wine-O-Boogie - Don Ramon Sr. Y Su Orquestra
4. El Tirili - Don Ramon Sr. Y Su Orquestra
5. Pachuco Mambo - Los Chucos
6. Los Pachucos - Las Hermanas Mendoza
7. El Bracero Y La Pachuca - Dueto Taxco
8. Solido Joaquin - Dacita & Her Orquestra
9. Frijole Boogie - Jorge Cordoba
10. Muy Sabroso Blues - Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos
11. Los Chucos Suaves - Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos
12. Chicas Patas Boogie - Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos
13. Buena Vista Swing - Conjunto Alamo
14. El Pachuco Alegre - Los Hermanos Yanez
15. Las Pachuquitas - Conjunto San Antonio Alegre
16. Mi Dolorcito - Conjunto San Antonio Alegre
17. Guisa Guaina - Don Yosti Y Su Trio
18. Pachuco Boogie (2nd recording) - Orquesta Don Ramon
19. Los Blues - Don Yosti Y Su Trio
20. Mambo Del Pachuco - Don Tosti Y Su Conjunto
21. Chicano Boogie - Cuarteto De Ramon Martinez