Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rashanim – 2006 - Shalosh

"With its exciting blend of rock, jazz and jewish music, Rashanim has quickly become one of the most dynamic bands in the Jewish New Music scene. Their last release Masada Rock has garnered them much well deserved attention, and after extensive touring through Europe the band is more than ready for their third studio recording on Tzadik. Tighter than ever, this Jewish power trio rips through an electrifying program of mystical jewish melodies and middle eastern grooves." - Tzadik

01. Ein Gedi
02. Yosefa
03. Atbash
04. Da’at
05. Cragow Niggun
06. Kavanah
07. Jacob and Esau
08. Jerusalem
09. Ur Ur Lauter Georg
10. Ar Aare