Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ghosts & Vodka - 2003 - Addicts and Drunks

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Ghosts & Vodka
Addicts and Drunks
Release Date: 2003
Label: SixGunLover Man.


"Being in prison gives a guy plenty of time to think about shit, especially if you're a deaf mute. Rudy Bump, inmate #123456, was happily crapping in his jail cell toilet when the thought hit him that he wanted to sing for a rock n roll band. 'I will call it, Ghosts and Vodka,' thought Rudy, 'and it will turn the music community inside out, much like a T-shirt with the tag showing!' The fact that Rudy Bump was a deaf mute did not impede his rock and roll dream, and so, after spending 2.3 years in jail for stealing some things that were not his, Rudy was released and immediately formed Ghosts and Vodka with the help of four men named Erik, Sam, Scott, and Vic. Having been in such bands as Cap'n Jazz, Tetsuo, and Joan of Arc, these four men had enough musical instruments laying around to make some out of sight rock and roll tunes for all the children of the world to enjoy. Rudy Bump sang along in his head to what he imagined the songs sounded like, and just like that, his dream was realized! Moral of story - Follow your dreams even if they make no sense." ~joanfrc ---But seriously, Vic and Sam are magical guitarists, check these sounds OUT!
Personnel: Sam Zurick - Guitars
Victor Villareal - guitar
Erik Bocek - bass
Scott Shellhamer - drums


01 Andrea Loves Horses
02 It's All About Right Then
03 Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
04 Laser Guided By God
05 Futuristic Genitalia
06 Sex Is Popular
07 Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below
08 Is That A Person?
09 Four Red Brains
10 Conversational All-Stars
11 Mechanical Bull Rider
12 Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs
13 Cowboys And Sailors?
14 Doo Dee Doo Dee Do
15 Stoli On The Rocks
16 Bizarre Funeral